You may have known all about this now, but I have been busy the past year. I would normally carved out a post on what I have achieved this past year (safe to say we are great to apply 2016 as ‘the past’), but to do so would be quite the feat, and I have been so preoccupied with new projects, ideas and all of the things I have thanks to my free time and freeloading life as wife aka tai tai aspirator.

2016 has not been ringing well in most people’s calendar as a fruitful one. Departure of prominent celebrities, the escalation of the Syrian war, terrorist attacks and the list just keeps on growing. But personally, I have had a great year so far. Great opportunities were thrown at me; from trying out my styling chops at Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia as their fashion stylist, to work/leisure opportunities in Los Angeles with THE Yuna! Travelled a few new countries, gracious collaborations with amazing local and international labels (Innai RED, AERE, Dior) and first fashion trip to Milan with some great company and accompanying celeb cameos who made it to my Instagram page (and made up most of my top 9 too! oh gee!). I have never felt so honored and humbled by what had happened in a span of 6 months/a year and the amazing feedbacks I have received from many people I look up to throughout this past year. I know that I may be bias or jadedly cliched for saying this, but I truly believe that good things happen when you believe they are attainable and call them your way.

Despite what I believe is quite the jump from holding on to something stable to venturing the treacherous, lecherous waters of the competitive (if I might add, toxic) local fashion scene, it was personally the best decision made so far in good faith of what I have aspired to be, my married life and overall personal wellbeing. Starting off with strong insecurities with my skills and capabilities as a stylist, the decisions made earlier in the year were a godsend; despite a few disputing and condescend my attempt at following what my gut feeling says. With all my heart, I am thankful  and at the same time never disregard whatever valuable lessons and tricks I picked up along the way. The most meaningful one I perhaps managed to pull this year was letting my confidence push through, and simply encouraging it out made wonders to my life in the year.

With my newly-gained bravado; I come to realize that, sometimes you don’t really need to nod your head to what everyone says. Some may feel like they have been intellectually or emotionally manipulated to feel they are never good enough, when in reality; they’ve been hindered to reach out to the biggest potential without any false ideas of where you could really project yourself out to. Which brings me to what I am launching this January; something to celebrate about, both on a personal level and hopefully, on a larger-scale decorum. Armed with my (what many gossip mongers allude to as being ‘shamelessness’) very forward intentions of shaking things up in this country, I realized that I am fighting an achingly losing battle in what seemed to be a country moving backwards in mentality and fuelled by trends purely propelled by baseless, popular-driven influencers than what true talent could offer. Perhaps my my pettiness being my career kryptonite; I couldn’t care less. And that’s what 2017 is going to be about for me; Couldn’t Care-Less. I spent a portion of my career life huddled under other people’ pettiness, and while this pettiness may have seeped into my psyche; I hope to channel them on a more positive approach of celebrating the weird, the wonderful and the brave. January will see me exploring a territory that I usually find myself in a limbo in; but letting my free reigns be utilized by amazing individuals who are keen to be part of this ‘movement’, of being disruptive in a country conforming to one set of rules in the industry or out of it. Scared, yes I am, but at 28, I should stop at nothing. So I apologize if I have not updated my blog as often as I should; since I have invested a lot of my time on this latest project (hold on til January to find out!). But dont fret, is running still – as a platform to release my honest, raw thoughts on matters that tick me most, I will do reviews if I truly do believe in them and post ootds in the regular; sans the heavy-winded narration of the posts. 2017, is hopefully about accepting me, myself in this form and not be forced to want to look like the next pretty Instagram influencer on Instagram. It will be less ‘Kylie-esque’ poses and more silly banter on the page, much more of me as I am, and less of the flatlayed, flat-bod flaunting on Instagram. It will be a curated visual diary of all things amazing; from people I think are legitly cool to things I find intellectually, culturally-stimulating on social media. In spirit of sharing amazing things as well, I will be selling my curated vintage finds on my former pre-loved page on Instagram @hydefselections , my rendition of totally legit and cool street-style worthy finds from all around the world; either remade or sourced on Insta. Goals, no more. 2017; lets make this a much-better year than it was for us! <3

Hang on to your horses, loves, we can go through this.