If you have noticed, there seemed to be a barrage of looks on the runway that was ultimately taken out of your grandmother’s/mother’s 70s clothes trunks in the attic. Though some designers portrayed a folksy, bohemian angle in intrepeting the 70s, others look to a more contemporary inspiration in the form of Wes Anderson’s colorful characters!

Lacoste first jumpstarted that image in mind with a clear nod to the Tenenbaums: big brown fur coat, headband, combo sweats. Image on point?


Lacoste FW15

Lacoste FW15


..and now Gucci merges Moonstruck Kingdom/Rushmore with the Tenenbaums for inspiration too! Fresh from Alessandro Michele’s applauded debut womenswear collection from the Italian Fashion House.

Gucci FW15 backstage


Moonrush Kingdom

Lost of Margot Tenenbaum references and event a dash of Madame D in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Call it granny couture, but I am sold on the Wes Anderson premise.