The coolest of the cool would definitely recognize cult skincare brand Aesop by now, how can you not be with its radically minimal concept and appealing brand ethos?

The Melbourne-born brand has now finally opened its flagship store right here in KLCC, precisely located at the

If you had not known already, Aesop’s stores are not like your average product-centric layout you may seen in many store. To honor the principles of the brand’s holistic skincare approach, the store reflects this very principle via its clean, intrinsic attention to each of their signature stores around the world, and the Suria KLCC store is not indifferent to the practice.


The store space is clean in white palette and soothing geometric details that are easy for the eyes and soul. Vertical installation of fine metal tubes, coated in pristine white gives depth to the visual scope of the store. Stone floor tiles in graphic patterns play off the linear elements and along with the light fixtures and a counter with a freestanding copper sink commands attention on first sight as the customer steps in the store.



You can head over and marvel at the serene set-up yourself at Suria KLCC store to have a closer look at the store and samples some of their award-winning products at Suria KLCC, Concourse Level in front of the Lovisa store. 🙂

If you are a fan of interiors, Aesop stores are well known for it being unique on every Aesop store around the world and you can read and explore more of their design principles on its own website .