Coming back to the capital and the Southern part of Bali, my husband and I were met with two opposing stances of spending the holiday in Bali. My adventurous side demands to step out of the confines of the hotel and discover more facets of the island, but hubs just prefer to have a lie-in and dips in the pool. With a hotel like Sofitel , I cant deny the beckoning call to laze about and do absolutely nothing was a tempting idea. However, we are afterall, in Bali, so yours truly could not just settle over a stay in and selfies by our pool.

I embarked on a self-exploration tour on my own, covering not-as-commercialized beaches (that I know of and based on my enquiries from the locals and what not) to super minted 5-star hotels by the cliff and cafes in Seminyak. I will share my post of some of the best spots to go if you like beaches and just looking at pretty water.


If you ever in the mood to go to the beach in the southern part Bali, skip your Kuta Beach and head down to Uluwatu/Pecatu area. My favorite spot when we both went to recce for spots and stopover last year was Pandawa Beach. It was relatively unknown to tourists back then (after all it was known as Secret Beach too!), and as construction took over (of which I imagine, more 5 star hotels are about to pop-up), I was gutted that what was once my own secret enclave had been crowded with, ugh, people.

Though cluttered, I love Pandawa for its unique geographical DNA. The road towards the beach was carved majestically as you head downhill, driving past statues (deities and gods who protect the beach) on towards the black sandy beach. Be advised that this is a sacred location to the locals, so leave monkey business aside (this is the superstitious me talking). The man-made limestone features are sublime as spots for panoramic photos and views.

The beach is also a seaweed cultivation centre, as you take a dip in the waters, you could see dark lines showing underneath the clear turquoise blue waters. The winds are perfect for kayaking and mild enough to surf for beginners. Even with its current crowded state, I still see myself coming back here, preferably during calm tourist months.

Another beach location I’ve just got to explore was Padang-Padang beach. Located¬†at the Uluwatu Surfing Spot, this small stretch of beach was wriggling with tourists due to a surfing competition ongoing.

What enticed me to visit the beach (when I presumed it to be not as busy as I thought it may be), was the boulders and rocky structure of the beach. Boulders of rock lined up by the shore; an impressive element that I found of the beach.

Sadly, the overcrowding of tourists to this particular spot really spoiled the majesty of the location. Litters everywhere and I saw a couple of people throwing rubbish where they were laying. Beware of monkeys too, as I found that my bag was almost dragged by one of the critters who saw the opportunity. Despite all of these shortcomings, Padang-Padang is indeed a beauty. Clear water and stone formations are regal characters of the beach.

OOTD: Forever 21 Hat, H&M Swimsuit, Bershka shorts, H&M Cardi, Dior Shades.

While I was tempted to head over to Balangan, Impossible and Dreamland Beach (again), I figured that I should just wait it out for the next trip to head over to these spots. Not a fan of people cramping my style. :p Be advised that there are no taxis available (there are loads but are booked by well-researched tourists to wait on them as they hang out by the beach), so make sure you book your driver to stay for you (most would even turn their meters off while they wait) as transport back to wherever you need to be will be scarce.

I took my curiosity to the next spot; Bulgari Hotels and Resorts in Uluwatu. I have seen pics on the internet and rave reviews by friends who have been. We’ve already booked our entire stay in Sofitel so I wasn’t planning to book a night in (again, I headed over without checking the actual rates per night of the hotel ha!) but as I thought I will not be blown away by anything else I’ve witnessed in Bali; Bulgari provided that shock value in the most pleasant of ways, and never have I wanted to be anywhere but here throughout my stay in Bali.

Your first sight will be a waiting lobby, a structure overlooking this magical view of the vast ocean ahead.

Located on top of a cliff, guests were first brought in to staff with their Bulgari colognes to wait for the buggy to take you to the reception area.

and Bulgari coffee table books, naturally

As I tried to get my jaws back in place, I hopped on my buggy cart to the bar area. Take note that the time I went was about 12 noon and this is when there were practically NO guests around the area. While I did see some guests crowing the restaurant, my interest only relied on the view that was about to behold. And boy, did I lose my sense of reality when my sights take hold of this.


The spot where I saw Bulgari Hotel advertised as the wedding altar on their webpage. wicked!

The bar is located right next to this million dollar views (and enviously seen villas stretched by the cliffside overlooking this expensive sight) and I found myself making myself right at home with the lovely, warm staff and welcome drinks.

I ordered a special mocktail (Honeymoon drink was what it was appropriately called) and served with several bar snacks that got me totally hooked on. There was one caramel-ish soaked deep fried local nut snack that I love, but if any of you know exactly what it’s called PLEASE share because I cant stop thinking about how scrummylicious these are!

Next to the bar was the private pool area; an infinity pool if I might add with a fashionista-approved pink flamingo float on the pool. This hotel is really tickling my buds to coax the hubs to spend a night here, but at $1200 a night (yup, in USD) that may not be a realisitc idea to splurge in especially for this trip (cries).

The reality of the situation may not have permitted a stay in the hotel, but if anything, a possible dragging of the husband might be forsee-able in the near future. It was kind for the hotel staff to have allowed me to play photographer, and along with their warm gesture and amazing food (I had deep fried polenta but before I could snap the photo I had chowed down most parts of the food hahah), I would highly reccomend anyone who loves to have a luxe chillax sesh by the pool (but you got to stop over for drinks at the bar, man) to come sample the luxurious vibe.

End of part two, stay tuned for my Seminyak coverage of my favorite restaurant (for obvious decorative elements) to date, Motel Mexicola!