We’ve covered the sexy, albeit cluttered beaches, the sights and sounds in Ubud and the jaw-droppingly beautiful hotel; it’s only fair to end the last post of my Bali trip with coverage of what’s close to my heart; food!

There are countless of great spots to get your tummies filled with great food. Coffee lovers, tea lovers, people watchers can find everything that would suit their taste and style. Along with my obsession with all things pretty and colorful and Insta-friendly, it’s only natural that I popped my Seminyak cherry with a visit to Motel Mexicola!

Joining my curiosity is fashion designer Fern, of whom just participated a fashion show of her latest collection in Bali (check out her work, guys!).  Little did we know that our lunch rendezvous will be clogging our iPhone space in droves.

I selected this place from an article listing the best Instagrammable cafes and restaurants in Bali, and I wasn’t dissapointed. Unlike you Tex-Mex joints like Chillis and Fridays, guests are treated to an atuthentic experience both in decor and food when you visit the restaurant. If you haven’t been to Mexico, you might actually catch a glimpse of how it feels like here; with a colorful, marigold/daisy-laden shrine greeting you on the front door, retro photographs, tequila bars and an impressive courtyard to boot.

Even the menu is not what you would usually expect. Prepared by an authentic Veracruzian chef, Alejandro Urbina, fresh, legit concoctions from seafood to its spicy salsa twangs are a great kick to your tastebuds. The minimum order of food per person is about 100,000 Rupiah, so both of us helped ourselves to a healthy portion of Guacamole, Ceviche, Fish Tacos and Tostaditaz.

If one wishes to take photos pf the premises is perfectly okay, just not with a pro/semi-pro camera. Reasons to this is unknown, but I’m guessing they have been hounded by many tourists who couldn’t help but to snap around the colorful cantina like we do. Heck, I can settle with iphonography! :p

Literally every corner was a set for an elaborate shoot to happen, and yours truly just couldn’t stop.

Good food, good photos equals a very contented outfit spammer!

 Next on the list was a mere 5 minute drive away to the centre of Seminyak. A row of hip boutiques, cafes and concept restaurants of all types and flavors are available to suit all types of moods and pickings. As I was more keen to have something fresh and away from the cigarette smokes clogging at coffee cafes, I seek refuge at Cafe Bali.

A quaint, vintage country-esque cafe is perfect for people watchers, and lovers of fusion east meets west offerings. I love the very quaint and pretty delicate decor lined with rich tropical flowers on each of the tables. What I love about the cafe is the atmosphere it delivers; not too busy, not too pretentious and friendly staff. Plus, a verandah that situated by the stretch, perfect vantage point to do people watching.

I took the liberty of ordering a fresh mahi-mahi carpaccio with a fizzy lime drink ala mojito as I dragged my big-ass laptop to answer emails (the odd one out btw).

Suggestions for the perfect dinner before we headed back home is a plenty. As there are so many international and top local restaurants to have dinner, a friend suggested a mix of the cliche and the rugged.

Ku De Ta was the perfect spot for pre-dinner drinks, more than just a cliched spot to catch that sunset before a memorable dinner after.

Sure, its always crowded and rammed ; but coming to this chic, recently refurbished hotspot is a must-do for anyone who goes to Bali. Some even dare to say that you have not visited Bali if you had not set foot in either Ku De Ta or Potato Head (of which I had not been yet), but party lovers and beautiful people-spotters can truly appreciate this visit. 🙂

My suggestion for a dinner spot to top off this magical evening, is Barbacoa.

Housed in this massive loft-space in Jalan Petitenget in Seminyak, this Latin American hotspot is the one to go to unleash your inner carnivore.

Bookings have to be made as the place is almost always fully booked!

There are two sections that you can have your dinner; outside where the restaurant is located next to a paddy field or inside; that boasts an impressive interior of leather banquettes, tables made from frames of vintage Singer sewing machines, warm lighting and rustic wood and beams.

Along with Brazilian Pedro, UK couple Aaron and Christie; we sat and struggled (especially myself since they do serve pork in this restaurant) to pick out the best food off the menu. The lads naturally picked the most porcine choices ever while hubs took an impressive argentitian steak with chimmichurri sauce and sauteed veggies. I for one, was more than happy to settle for desserts <3

If porcine is off of your diet, no fret.

Another restaurant of which I absolutely rate as the best so far of all our food outs in Bali, is the one located in our very own hotel, Cut, Catch, Cucina at Sofitel.

Italian dinners are always a win-win situation for me, and this restaurant served the best 3-course menu I’ve had in a while. To make it all even more perfect than it already is, the exterior section of the restaurant is stunning, made complete with the gentle, cool Bali sea breeze and a trio of talented singers serenading lovers and friends as they dine.

Your fatty self had enjoyed a starter of roasted scallops in cauliflower puree:


A main course of wild mushroom risotto with chicken ballotine and parmagiano regiatto foam:

and to end the food coma with a sinful jar of panna cotta with berry coulis:

In the end though, my food escapade, sight-seeing was really made so much more memorable because of the company I came here with..

Sure, the concept of a honeymoon is to have it with your husband/wife; but in the presence of the loved ones closest to you, really amplified my experience in this beautiful paradise with these lot.

Especially even more so with/without mom around. Bali was a place that she had always wanted to go to, and coming back here as a wife, a woman with a commitment and responsibilites (not that I wasn’t responsible before  but you get the drift) has truly left an indelible mark on my stay in Bali. Bali is truly a special place, how the locals place so much respect and submission to mother nature and perhaps was why my mom feels connected to this place even when she had never had the chance to set foot on the island before. The zenness of it all even captured my husband’s intention of owning a spot here soon; of which if we did have one- would have been a full circle moment for me as an’ ambassador’ of my late mother’s spirit on this earth.

Bali, cant wait to explore more facets of you soon! <3