While the buzz of that Hansel and Derek Zoolander’s walk-off on that Maison Valentino catwalk on Paris Fashion  Week Fall 2015 have yet to wear off, fashion has always thrived on drama!

Nudity, PETA crashers, runways stumbles could also prove as epic as the above, but before technology became a pivotal part of the fashion news machine we grew so jaded of today;circumstances like these made them a much celebrated brouhaha moments in fashion . Have a look see on what I think are the most major catwalk moments ever, even way before some of us could even pronounce Yves Saint Laurent properly!

1) Gianni Versace AW’91

Only the late great Gianni Versace could showcase a bevy of legends (Linda, Christy, Eva, Naomi, Cindy you name it!!) of the supermodeldom in the 90s. None can ever match this high octane show of so sick attitude displayed on the runway as these women. The twirl? Come on only Christy and Naomi did it better.

2) Alexander McQueen (Untitled/Golden Showers SS/98)

From the sheer dominance of McQueen’s shows in this list proves the point of the late designer as a prominent influence in fashion. The only known designer who had revolutionized the use of tech and pushed the envelope of style meets art way out of the ballpark. Take this show for example. It was originally titled Golden Showers (yes, as in THAT sex fetish) but had to be changed due to AMEX’s concern for the rather, provocative title. But heck, despite this modification, the collection paraded on the runway that evening proved to be a harder pill to swallow. A simulation of a ‘golden shower’ against the sprinklers illuminated under yellow lighting was just one to begin with; come ribcage corsets molded from an actual human skeleton, barely there hypersexuallized clothes and oh that dramatic transformation of the clear perspex runway that oozed black liquid and rained before the finale looks are revealed? EPIC. Also, this was Gisele Bundchen’s breakout show ; thanks to that 34C bust against her tiny frame modelling a breastplate and chain-tiered top that had spiked her show bookings the next and you know, the rest is history!FYI: She was nicknamed “The Body” by McQueen, for obvious reasons!

3) Hussein Chalayan SS’00

The man known for his use of mechanics on his collection showed us how your furniture could also be incorporated as clothes. The animatronics involved from that circular table to morph into a skirt and chair covers into dresses had me searching for Ikea hacks for fashionistas. Encore!

4) Fendi Spring/Summer 2008

It took a span of two days to carry on the show, 6 months of preparation 88 looks in total and 10 Million Euros in total for production cost; the show that took place on The Great Wall of China was a legendary tale of epic proportions.

5) Chanel Spring/Summer 2010

The Chanel showcase for this season brought in a couple of fashion faux pas back to life: the clogs and temporary tattoos! But the real scene stealer of the show was that menage a trois on the haystack with a special performance by the campy Lily Allen.

6) Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 1999

Not to be overdone by Hussein’s robot theatrics, Alexander McQueen got in on the high-tech action too. Model Shalom Harlow, who was also trained as a ballet dancer; pranced and stood on a revolving floor and spun like a ballerina in a jewelry box. Then robotic arms from both side appeared and sprayed graffiti all over the gown Shalom was wearing, all the while she was spinning gracefully on the turntable platform; a performance of how his clothes could come to life.

7) Vivienne Westwood Fall 93

This show had one of the most epic catwalk model tumbles in fashion history, with legend Naomi Campbell took a fall in sky-high Westwood heels. Though so, the show was not only remembered for Naomi’s little trip, the tartan-fueled collection became one of Viviene’s legendary ‘Anglomania’ signature that she still continues with her collections today.

8) Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 1992

How do you close a Jean Paul Gaultier show? Have Madonna take off her biconic bra cones (designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for her Blonde Ambition tout) and swapped for a harness to reveal her naked breast in the finale that’s how! (NSFW)

9) Dior 2002

The movie that spawned that parody in Zoolander (#derelicte , anyone?) showcased John Galliano’s interpretation of hobo fashion, inspired from his morning jogs encounters of the homeless along the river Seine.

10) Alexander McQueen FW2006

Is that a ghost on the runway? In McQueen’s tribute for Kate Moss (as she was in the heat of a drug-addled scandal at the time), he immortalized his show with a stunning hologram of Kate in a flowy frock to close the show. The audience were clearly gobsmacked.