Day2 was bliss.

Waking up to the sunrise view of the distant Langkawi island view. Made even more majestic with the golden rays piercing through the grey clouds.

The bungalow we stayed in has no air-conditioning by the way, but the overall climate temp in the house was cool, all due thanks to a trickle of April showers in the morning. Inspiring Sarah and Aiman to head out for their own Vogue Fit/OOTD session by the beach.

While they jog, I took the liberty of playing dress-up with Syaiful’s pieces. Dont ask, I just do because I could and its a Syaiful Baharim.

After a gruelling workout from both our ends, we start our day with no plans at all. We followed our instincts and had developed a natural curiosity to explore the tiny island. After another sumptous breakfast, we all took a tuk tuk, and for 400 baht an hour, he took us around the island (here’s assuming that 1 hour wasn’t enough to do so).


He stopped at a couple of what he thinks to be tourist’s photo-friendly spots. The first stop he did was a mere 1KM away from where we were. It was to another beach resort nearby, and since Aiman and Sarah both had covered this route earlier in the morning, we decided to stop anyway and took a few shots of the area (noting several shirtless hunks working out by the shore hohoho)

Trigger-happy session for this round done. We hopped on the little machine once more and off we went exploring the inner parts of the island; kampung houses all around and lots of trash around. Not a pretty sight, but its amusing to see how the locals interact with the tourists. Also, our rider could speak broken Malay, it was easy to communicate where to stop and what not.

One of the most breathtaking stops was this next one. Thinking nothing else could have really impress us any further, he dropped us in front of the entrance of  Mountain Resort. Riding uphill (carrying three gunnysacks who had been eating non stop since yesterday), we entered the resort thinking ‘Ah, just another stop by the beach’. The resort homes/chalets/rooms weren’t as impressive as Castaway resort. Though the vicinity may not be as insta-friendly (at least by my standards) at least by the resorts located in at the garden area; we were gobsmacked when we received this godly view.

Super drama, I tell you!

This place is one of those situations where filters are not needed. Located about 50m above sea level, the bungalows located by the sea provided ring side seats to the best view of the Island.

Overlooking the north west bigger sister Island of Ko Adang and Ko Rawi, if sunset is what you are looking for, THIS is the spot to be.

More shots taken!

Ursula Andress 4.0 – 2.0 was taken by Demi Moore in Charlie’s Angels and 3.0 by Halle Berry in Die Another Day :3

Finding it harder to part from the view as for now, but we headed to the last stop around the island (yup that’s just it!) to Walking Street to grab a coconut drink. During the day, the entire area is dead, but some bars by Pattaya beach stays open. We were told to come back later to chill. A plan was made.

So FRESH in our Respec Co eyewear! (mine from Forever 21 only)

We contacted Balnu ( who stayed on the next resort) and proceeded to make plans for her to join us for the night. We decided to head back and just chill by the beach and do amateur snorkelling. As Sarah went on to get a massage, Aiman and I went for the dipping session 🙂

At about 5pm (which is already close to sunset), we took on a couple of shoot session with some of my bachelorette goodies. All in the name of fun!


In Fern x Ruzz Gahara #thenewbatik , feather stole my own. (more on the other OOTD special)

Approaching night time, we changed to our bachelorette gear for a chillaxed night out. Balnu was MIA, so we headed to Walking street to see it buzzing with activity at nighttime.

There were also hoardes of ferry tickets, Island-hopping speed boat kiosks along the stretch. You could actually get a cheaper return ticket back to Langkawi (We spent about RM256 per person return when you could get an RM80 ticket back to Langkawi one-way). But we were lucky to hold on to our tickets as booking them the next day became hard as most had already sold out! So becareful on how you plan your trip to and from as timing is a ball ache.

There are a couple of notable bars; namely Maya Bar around the stretch, but we were really more interested to check out the Pattaya beach night scene, and boy, were we in for a treat.

I am not a party animal, so this was one of the reasons why I picked Koh Li Pe. It is not a party island, its a zone out, come smoke weed and look at the stars type of getaway. They play some really cool party music too, more dance than the usual hardcore edm variety. You can look up and see a gajillion of stars above and fire shows as you sip your pina coladas and tropical punches. It was magical, and we were so…collected. We hung out at Reggae Bar until about twelve as the beach gets quiter as it gets into the wee hours 🙂

Magical night with people I love. <3


Day 3 was the day we dreaded.

Woke up contemplating to spend another night here as we wanted to leave at the 3pm schedule.

I had already book meetings, Aiman has work the next day while Sarah too had to book her flights and meets to get ready for her business conference in Florence; we decided to take our time and take the final ferry back to Langkawi (Sarah’s flight will be at 6!! cut throat timing!).

As we chilled around the beach, laze about, swam and snorkel, I realize I was becoming more attuned to the beach lifestyle. I embraced the lazy daisy in me, and loving it!

Soon enough, reality hits and we packed our bags to prepare for check out, luckily the managers were kind enough to extend our check-out time, so we went out to get a Thai massage and sample the local delicacies at Nu Papaya restaurant. DAMN GOOD.

lapar balik. haish

We went on and explore more areas of Walking Street by day. A few hours before we are scheduled to hop on our boat ride back to Langkawi.

cant leave without sampling the local coconut ice cream!


As the final hour hits, we brought out our bags and headed to Pattaya Beach to board our boat.

Sad faces abound.

It was definitely hard leaving this place..

Alas, with determination; we all specifically have planned to come back again. Next time around, possibly indulge in the island-hopping experience 🙂

Amazing getaway in a nutshell, I love it <3 Thank you Aiman and Sarah for making the trip worthwhile, bridezilla stress no more (for now). and thank you, Koh Li Pe. See you very soon!

I will say it; Koh Li Pe has converted me to a beach bum! <3


(ps: the shots are taken by Aimanness, my iPhone 5S and Sarah’s AMAZING mi4 phone which I am NOW BUYING! <3) THAT IS ALL.