As you all may have already know by now, I had a simple getaway disguised as a bachelorette do in Langkawi and now, Koh Li Pe (#DatinsOnVacay!). Now, I have never been a beach person, or an adventurous person at that; so this 5 hour ride from KL to Kedah, ferry from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi and then the ferry ride from Telaga Harbour to Koh Li Pe (ick) really tops my list so far. (I takut air too!)

So why Koh Li Pe and this unnecessary journey? (well, to start I am terrified of flying)Really, I heard so many good things about Koh Li Pe. Since my intention was never to have an all-out dirty night out sort of hen do, Koh Li Pe ticks most of the boxes on my list- gorgeous beaches, chillax atmosphere and closest to home. Along with friends Aiman and longtime partner-in-crime Sarah, we both go ahead and went for it anyway and began our journey from Telaga Harbour in Langkawi.

To note, December to April is peak season in Koh Li Pe, meaning its access to and fro is not as restricted and weather is sublime. Travelling to Koh Li Pe during this season entails you to more amenities and activities and water is calm and isnt as choppy as the other months. Expectedly the rates peaked during these months, from accomodation to transportation all seemed to have spiked approximate 5% increase. For our tickets, we had to pay RM128 each; this is a return ticket of only two available slots to go to the Island (9.30am and 2.30pm), so those who travel/fly back to KL/wherever needs to plan their trip carefully (rates also differ is you choose to hop on the Kuah jetty instead, which will take you almost 2 hours to KLP). The ‘immigration’ setup may look a little dodgy too, as you would have to leave your passports to the ferry service managers after getting it stamped at the immigration centre in the next building. Dont worry too much into this, as you will be able to pick em up once you arrived on the island at their so-called immigration centre.

Be cautioned that most of what you read online on Koh Li Pe may be outdated, and I will explain these indiscrepancies to you throughout the stay 🙂 But for now, let us start with our journey, as we waited at the jetty to board the 1 hour 30 minute journey to what was one of the most memorable stays I’ve ever had in the longest time, and dare I say converted me to a beach bum!

As hopped on the ferry, we made ourselves a new friend from Turkey, who had quit her job, met her friend in Malaysia and is currently going out on an Island-hopping adventure around Malaysia. Her name was Balnu (I thinkthis was how it was pronounced/spelled) but how our paths crossed was definitely serendipitious 🙂

10 minutes after the ferry departed from the Harbour, we hopped outside and upstairs to the open-air deck, letting the sun drench our skins and the wind take our already primmed hair. A mini photoshoot ensued, of which poor Sarah had lost her vacay hat minutes after her first shot on the deck began :p

when Datins absorb the rays and all areas of vanity..

Almost an hour out and Langkawi further and further in the distance, I was amused to find out how relatively close Koh Li Pe is from Langkawi. The ferry closed in to a cluster of islands and we were more excited to see how the hue of the water starts to change, and remember, we came with very minimal expectation (apart from the turquoise blue water and sandy beach) so imagine our surprise when we had our first sight of the really tiny but absolutely breathtaking island.

When we arrived we hopped off the ferry to a floating pier about 300m away from the shore. As most of us here were so accustomed to the high-tech, high security and incredible scrutinized entry procedures on many of our travels, the hop to the ‘immigration’ post was somewhat…lax. So if you all have this anxiety on whether or not you will get your passports, do not worry! As for me, I was sort of worried; more concerned on the fact that from this small floating pier, we had to physically carry our Datin-packed luggages from the pier onto a dinghy wooden boat that transfers you from the ‘jetty’ to the shore. I would suggest errbody to really carry liught loads and pack your electronics/bags in plastic coverings as you can unexpectedly get wet. Despite all this, the short ride from the pier to the shore towards the island was nothing short of spectacular. Yours truly who has this terrifying fear of water (yeah, Im a scaredy cat and I cant swim!) was in awe of the little colorful fishies in the clear turquoise water. I was like a kid going to Aquaria for the first time, only better!

#nofilter . That statement was much needed!


About 5 minutes in the ride, we hopped off our boat and dragged our big-ass bags across the wet sandy terrain toward what was called the immigration centre, and when i say immigration centre I mean like, a small hut with two counters and have people scream your name to pick up your passport. Hows that for our first taste of being far out from the red tape shenanigans of Putrajaya? :p

Living out the Datin experience

After our rather daunting experience, (and a couple of beer swigs), the clueless quartet headed over to find our transporation. If you guys are looking for taxis, scrap that, there are virtually NO CARS on the island, just mopeds with makeshitft wagons as tuk tuks. For about 40 baht, we hopped on this..thing and  got a first class ride towards our accomodation. Again with super minimal expectation, we rode throughout the blue-paved road all the way to Castaway Resort, passing through the kampungs and mini bars throughout.

Aiman and Balnu (?) on a the said tuk tuk

We were taken over by this exhilirating sense of adventure as we pass these areas. The kampung areas weren’t clean and some are shabby as expected, so we were all kind of expecting the worst when we approach the resort. But good god, were we WRONG.

THIS GREETED US and swear to god for about 5 minutes we just want to dive our heads in the soft sandy beach and snap out our phones to Instagram away (but no wifi, yet) BOOHOO.

sampai2 je taknak balik.

The entire zen mood when you enter just zaps you away. ‘You have arrived’ it said, ‘Laze about and forget everything’ it said. Now, I have been to a couple of beach resorts and island vacations but nothing like how Koh Li Pe was doing to me so far. I was instantaneously out of anything KL-related, no concern for emails or whatsapping anyone. I was ready to do fuckall.

The entire resort setup goes up to its name: Cast Away. Run by a couple of foreigners from all around the world, the set-up was like if you marroned on the Island and pretended to be Brooke Shield building a couple of lux huts. It is a sexy setup, and i guess along with the decor and feel of the place, you just go on this automatic vege state of just wanting to dip in the ocean (of which I kept on calling ‘pool’ coz it was so damn clear) and relax.

For approx. 4000 baht a night, you may think that its a wee bit too much cmpared to the many hotels you can get in KLP. Well if you are looking for a sexy place, I would suggest to not look any further, and you shouldnt be too intimidated by the cost as it does come with a value-for-money credibility.

We snagged ourselves a beach bungalow with like one of the most spectacular views I had ever seen in my life. like, really, not even Bali could top this.

(FYI: some of the best resorts are located at Sunrise beach, which means the beach is facing sunrise, but the views are as spectacular and magical, but if you do insist on a romantic sunset-facing accomodation, hold your thoughts and read through and I will convince you otherwise AND suggest you one. Also, there is a reason why some of these resorts are more expensive that the Sunset Beach alternatives as they offer more private experience)

this view, MAIGOD.

The bungalow comes with two floors; ground is the toilet (which I find odd, but makes sense as you do not want to bring the beach sand straight to your bedroom) while the upper ground is the bedroom terrace. Super sexy, overlooking the sunrise for an inspirational post-coital mood (said someone lah).

if this aint baby-making enough for you, I dont know what is..

modelling our Respec Co pieces :3

 So a gajillion and one photos later, we took out our swimsuits and best SATC-inspired caftans and headed out to eat. We initially planned to visit a nearby local eatery, but we were just too enamoured by the view and camped out at the ‘lounge/restaurant’ area. But not before taking our (MY) ootd shot infront of the chalet.

with the beach like a stone’s throw away from the chalet. We walked just about 50m aways from where our bungalows are to foodtopia.

The view plus with the excitement of sampling proper Thai nosh was just too much. We were in paradise. and though the food was slightly more pricier than usual, they were still cheaper than wha you would expect in most resorts. This Hantu Tomyam was all over it, even the duo was chugging it down in seconds flat as we had not had anything to eat since morning! It was sublime <3 every bit of it.

After a fulfilling experience. We took a stroll around the beach and just relaxed while instagramming away with the very limited signal wifi on the compound. We took most of the remaining of the day by chilling by the beach and enjoying the bungalow, reading, watching as the locals come back with their boats and berthed them close to shore as the tide came.

We actually took a night stroll later that evening, and we walked by some of the most spectacular views ever. The horizon lit up by sections of lights; possibly to indicate the border between Thailand and Malaysia. and the shore swept these luminous blue specks than even flicker when you touch it. I cant take photos as the resolution were unclear, but it looked something close to this.

No kidding. how romantic is that??!!! Though not in mass such as the picture implied, but you can imagine how all of us reacted when we spot our first speckle. Too romantic. Sexy-time approved.

As we headed back to our place, we hopped on to bed to another awesome day tomorrow at Koh Li Pe 🙂


end of part #1