california-nevada the old-fashioned way: the canyons and death valley

May 30th, 2017 Travel rojakcouture 68 min read

We were on a tight schedule, and chasing our time in Vegas was paramount to get the best of what the city could offer. Starting with the weird and wonderful of the city; here was how we spent the few days that we have in Sin City. After the epic Britter concert last night, there was only one other thing left to do: visit the…

california-nevada the old fashioned way : a pictorial road trip part 1

May 27th, 2017 Travel rojakcouture 37 min read

There is no better way to explore the States with than via automobile. A drop-top, American muscle car to be more ¬†fitting, comes with a playlist of old-school American tracks to fuel the long drive. While my previous trips have always centered around the city itself, the hubs and I have always wanted to tick the bucket list of road-tripping in the States, even when…

Langkawi OOTD Tales – 2017

Mar 25th, 2017 Fashion & Beauty, Travel rojakcouture 7 min read

A compendium of OOTDs inspired from Havana’s colorful Resort style during my recent trip to Langkawi. See below for your inspirational needs ūüôā ¬† xx ¬†Location: Temple Tree Resort, Pantai Teluk Yu, Langkawi Falls, Kalut Bar Pantai Cenang, Casa Del Mar.

HYTravels: DTLA – The OC (A Snap Review)

Jun 16th, 2016 Travel rojakcouture 1 min read

Its tough to really put some experiences¬†into verbal/textual definition so here’s a short Snap review of my rounds on my last day in California. I took a couple of hours just exploring some parts of Downtown Los Angeles to the historic section and parts of its Arts District. I took my time with my tripod really oogling the old buildings, people watch and even get…

HYTravels: Corinthos – Parnitha – Sounion

May 31st, 2016 Travel rojakcouture 26 min read

Almost two days of nosing about in Athens have had me curious. What lies outside of this amazing city was a million of hectares of unexplored photo-ops, historical ruins and breathtaking terrains. Reading all of the trip advisor reccommendations only fueled my curiosity further; got ourselves a rental ride throughout our stay and naturally were inclined to take our senses for an adventure on a…

HYTravels : Into Athens and Beyond (Part 1)

May 29th, 2016 Travel rojakcouture 20 min read

After a quick escapade to magical Rhodes Island, my husband and I decide to embark back to the capital of Greece – also a place I have always wanted to explore thanks to my keenness for Greek/Roman mythology (or all things mythological to be exact). Again, while Hollywood only seems to¬†show Greece by its islands (like the tiny Island of Skopelos of Mamma Mia! )…

HYTravels: A Greek Odyssey in Rhodes

May 18th, 2016 Travel rojakcouture 22 min read

Greece. A country so vigorously associated with its picturesque islands like Mykonos, Santorini and of course, Greek mythology. The fact above also happens to be the only correlation I have with the South-east European country, and the economic setback that the republic is facing as of right now. Despite the grim situation, the same could not be said about its gorgeous beaches, amazing food and…

Los Angeles 2016 : Antelope Valley, Lancaster California

May 2nd, 2016 Travel rojakcouture 7 min read

(This might be lame, but whenever I travel, my mind selects a track that goes in sync with the location/mood of the place. For this particular one I seem to have this song stuck in my head, so please hit play and let this track sink in as you read the post!) Continuing our next journey of sight-seeing/work, the team’s next shooting location is looking…

Of Honey and Clover with Mimpi Kita

Apr 25th, 2016 #ootd, Fashion & Beauty, Travel rojakcouture 3 min read

Let’s face it, Malaysia can never embrace the ‘Sweater Weather’ situation unlike many other countries with the temperal luxury. Just because so, a sweater top by Malaysian standards have got to have a design tweak that allows sanctions for breathability and versatility than the usual winter ootd options. The popular opinion presides on the idea of wearing sweater tops on top of denim or mini…

Los Angeles 2016 – Malibu (Day 3)

Apr 22nd, 2016 Fashion & Beauty, Travel, Uncategorized rojakcouture 8 min read

To be honest I can’t keep up with which days I go where anymore, but I am pretty certain that we had our itinerary planned for Malibu the next day for Aimanness’ full day of shoot. Still slightly jet lagged, we woke up at 10am, onwards to the first shooting slot for a very special project between Malaysian designer Hatta Dolmat and Yuna, which, I…