so yours truly has ended up on mtv asia :p

Sep 10th, 2017 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 1 min read

About 2 months ago, the peeps at MTV Asia went over to the peninsular to interview a bunch of totally talented Malaysian individuals on the arts and fashion scene and somehow, yours truly has managed to bag herself the honor of having Hanli Hoefer herself to come interview me. Being the ever pemalu that I am, I have yet to watch the full snippet of…

Langkawi OOTD Tales – 2017

Mar 25th, 2017 Fashion & Beauty, Travel rojakcouture 7 min read

A compendium of OOTDs inspired from Havana’s colorful Resort style during my recent trip to Langkawi. See below for your inspirational needs 🙂   xx  Location: Temple Tree Resort, Pantai Teluk Yu, Langkawi Falls, Kalut Bar Pantai Cenang, Casa Del Mar.

Primer Donna : A Tale with Urban Decay’s Go Matte Primer Set

Mar 24th, 2017 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 8 min read

Who has time to get all dolled up every morning? How do you keep up with taking care of your face, and the powder pat to get rid of the access oil for hours only to realize it was going to be melted off like an orang minyak at the end of it all? I was less than particular about how my makeup looks like…

Fashion Week SS17 Excursions: London and Milan 2016 (Part 1)

Oct 19th, 2016 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 37 min read

About a year ago in September, I wanted to really step out my comfort zone and take the ‘syok sendiri’ path to cover fashion week under my own expenses for The List Magazine. Charting this strange territory of covering fashion week on my own was a rather significant experience; very very much one of the best investments in my life and career as an editor-in-training….

KLFW RTW 2016 Breakdown

Aug 28th, 2016 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 4 min read

Fashion is an outlet for me. While our version of fashion week is a far cry from the notable fashion capitals of the world in terms of coverage and fashion sensibility; KLFW was no more less in terms of the hype it generates and the fashionable looks it delivers. Hits and misses are expected, but alot did come decked out in their best statement wares…

Folktales with H&M Studio AW16

Aug 25th, 2016 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 3 min read

Again and again H&M continues to win hearts with its inventive collection. Elevating its design streak once more for this season, H&M fuses folkloric accents into contemporary wares too good for the streets. Unbelievably comfortable and ultra-trendy, the latest pieces from the extensive collection promises wearable staples, easy to match with your own wardrobe staples. Selected this striped suit with a corsetted piece that’s becoming a…

Perempuan, Isteri dan … (a Spontaneous project)

Aug 18th, 2016 Fashion & Beauty, Portfolio rojakcouture 7 min read

People who know me are well aware of my impulsive nature to travel, and carry out spontaneous assignments. So this was the third day of raya or something like that, and I was itching to go back to my hometown in Penang and Kedah just because I wanted to. In typical Haida fashion, I decided to prong in bestie and photog extraordinaire Aimanness along…and when…

KLFW RTW 16- Commandments

Aug 15th, 2016 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 4 min read

With barely a few days before the runway spectacular begins, I took the libery to compile a personal commandment of style to follow this KLFW RTW 2016 starting this Wednesday. True with my nature of not wanting to blend in with the crowd, I have compiled a sort of guideline/reminder on creating looks that will be memorable throughout the week (I hope). Then again, my…

Beach Wear Must-Haves

Aug 4th, 2016 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 7 min read

Who has the bloody time to go work for a ‘beach body’? Not me. In the spirit of celebrating what flab excess I have carrying with me, trips to an Island getaway has always positioned me in between guilt and absolute shamelessness in flaunting what I (dont)have. Fashion magazines and FB timeline feeds are cluttered with influencer-ridden photos of their escapes (really pictures of their…

On My Radar: Summer Faves

Jul 24th, 2016 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 7 min read

It might be the heat, or my previous Grecian summer getaway or my seasonal affiliation with retro movies, but here are my macro summary of trends/happenings/forecast for the things that matters most on this perennial vibe of ours. Every month/bimonthly, I will be sharing with you what’s bubbling in this mind of mine, things that stimulate a creative switch flick in my head that inspires…