Let me reduce myself from the common monochrome look and take a step in the ‘louder’ side.

How vivid can you go when you have these Nelissa Hilman x D&D babies on?

Turns out, you can go pretty high blast!

For one, I have owned only one pair of neon shoes, and from experience: they make pretty badass and a knockout element in your ensemble.

Nelissa Hilman’s excites the shoe fetishist in me with these faux python skin booties with ornamental hardware. The designer took the materials she discovered in her travels;on a whim bargain hunting escapade and absorbed her findings in this eclectic collection for Dude & The Duchess.

Dont be shy with the color, in this flourescent scene stealer, I pumped mine up a notch with my favorite neon zipped blazer and my Moschino bag. Even overdosed with prints from this Something Borrowed skirt from Zalora.

All that incandescence didnt just stop there.

I aired out my Miss Selfridge fluid sleeve toga dress for this occasion.

Like yelling ‘Beam me out, Scotty’, I styled this originally scrupled piece by altering its form to suit my taste. I transformed its sleeves as an architectural element by pinning them against my textured blouse with these tiger-crystal studded brooch from H&M. All that’s missing is a fascinator (to match my ode to female genitalia ensem) to fit the theme and I’m ready for the Royal Ascot event.

In striking color, I would suggest you all to not play it safe with the NH X DD babies. The zanier the prints, the pepto-bismal the hue all the better to redefine your ootd game!

Thank you Nelissa Hilman for the darling booties. 😉