I can never get enough of shoes.

On an average in a month, I would say that I would procure close to 4-5 pairs of shoes for reasons made on many given occasions.

My obssession with shoes is pretty legit, its a styling shortcut to change up the look and feel of your outfit, and nothing gets better than oxfords and flats; which are derived as the perennial shoe neutrals for any look you come up with. Further enabling this love of gorgeous footwear, is Corgi shoes!

A short trip to their Publika store is enough to break your bank. Flats, brogues and oxfords galore are abound here, perfectly suited for the pragmatic dresser or the ones with flair for theatrical dressing (like, say, ME) as they are not just mouth-watering gorgeous, but incredibly comfortably to slip into as well.

I took my pickings on for a play; these pointy-toed flats and the heeled brogues are en pointe (see what I did there?) with the androgynous style that when played with feminine pieces, are divine.

I took my pointy-toed ones in black for a spin in some of my version of the Parissiene allure.

Playing with monochromatic hues, I subdued the femininity of the flats with my Alexa Chung inspired take to dressing. Took out my puffy blouse matched with a hillbilly romper from Mango and bag by Balenciaga.

Even with unconventional pairings, the flats took the entire look the extra chic mile with its sleek illusion and design. Tip: I always choose pointy toed flats as they help elongate my legs 🙂

To those who live up to Victoria Beckham’s mantra on wearing high heels for pretty much every occasion, I beg to differ.

I’m breaking the unwritten rule here, in wearing my special event digs with the flats.

I took out a white jacket as a throw against a high-low feather-trimmed skirt as a top and of course, culottes to kick it to Fashion Week status.

My tip on wearing monochromes all rely on experimenting with textures and layering to make it an exciting ensemble.

Bag: Chanel

Culottes: Sungai Wang, KL

Skirt as top: Bangkok

Jacket: H&M Malaysia

But what of my heeled brogues? Well, A simple swap of shoes and layering tricks gets you a whole different look altogether.

Top: H&M Malaysia

Bag: Mango

Culottes: Sungai Wang

Heck, why not even throw in this adorable hat from Corgi Fashion to complete your summer vacay vibe as well?

Try out your ootd with Corgi Fashion and hashtag #corgifashion to get noticed. Explore simple, breezy alternatives for Summer, and you wont go wrong with getting that style nod for a winning summer fashion showcase 🙂

Head on to their Publika store at Level G2-45, Block C3, Publika Shopping Gallery to check out more shoes, bags and even clothes 😉

Dont say I didnt warn you :3