If you would ask me a few years ago on the prospect of owning pink ANYTHING in my wardrobe I would have whip out my fingers like a cross and hiss at you. Thanks to my love to anything emo (my emo rock phase is still intact but with less “We All Deserve to Die” attitude), pink was the anti-cool, establishist, elitist hue only seen on high school Mean Girls who had shunned me for skin color back then. Well, bitterness aside (look where I am now, skinny twits! :p), I have come to develop an intense fascination with the color pink. It might be due to the fact that it is such a delicious, attention-seeking color that I clearly do not get enough from the cool kids from way back when I was in high school. Ha! Just pulling your leg, the real reason might lie in the sordid fact that I never want to really grow old, EVER. Call it what you want, but truth is, pink is such a fun color to experiment with; as seen here, I decided to do my spin as corporate Barbie to shake up drab dress codes in the office.


Perhaps it was the feminist in me that somehow equates Legally Blonde with the outfit I put on today. Heck, I even tied a men’s shirt as a skirt!



Do you think you can conquer the world in pink? :p


Wearing H&M Divided Top,

Thrift Store shirt,

Lovisa Earrings.