Starting my first month gig as the resident fashion stylist of Harper’s BAZAAR Malaysia has brought me back to the research library of trends in fashion for work and ultimately make its way into my style psyche.

Like most of the times I got myself embedded into a certain phase or trend, one micro trend in particular have always seem to wrap my head around it. ha!

I have always been a pirate when it comes to assembling how I look, anchoring my look by merging current trends and my adoration for the intensely ornate and ornamental, stealing ideas from icons from the Bohemian Rock scene like Jimi Hendrix and cross-dressing, female shirt-stealing Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler.

Steven Tyler - Rojak Couture

Prince - rojak couture

The catwalk ramp is flooded with reference of this popular glam rock/boho rock statement accessory too.

Witnessed at the previous Givenchy Haute Couture show..

Givenchy Haute Couture - Rojak Couture

all the way to princess-y alternatives on the SS16 catwalks…

Headband - Rojak Couture

With maximalism now at its peak popularity, I thank the god of fashion horology and brought out my inner Prince; complete with them oversized statement shirts and layers of ornate accessories and gothic references.

The key o working the trend is to infuse a dash of rockstar rebel attitude with the rest of the look geared towards SS16’s trends ; metallics, Ziggy Stardust references and gothic-romance approach.


I stole this look from Keith Richards/Captain Jack Sparrow.


I downplayed the prettiness of this headband with a gaudy metallic silver jacket and ribbon choker for a rebellious spin.


I was inspired by Givenchy’s headband at their Haute Couture show, but included extra details of attaching a brooch on the band for a little something extra.