It was Saturday, and it was just in time for both of us to be fully recovered to enjoy the beach life in Galle. With very minimum info on what Galle could feast to us, I decided to let ourselves be in the dark and (hopefully) surprise us with pleasantries of the location.

Along the drive towards Galle, you could mistake the view for Kedah; surrounded by lush greens and paddy fields and coconut trees, a treat for my tired eyes. 🙂

After 110km and almost 1 hour and 30 minutes drive, we have arrived to the scenic port of Galle, but it wasn’t until we drove deep,10-minute drive on the Mihiripenna Beach side (the more popular snorkeling/diving spot side) to reach to our wedding gift: A villa called Why House.

Nestled in rich tropical setting, the Why House was primarily owned as a holiday family villa by a close friend. He later expanded the complex and converted the place to be an elite bed and breakfast spot for travelers seeking tranquility amidst the crowded, commercialized spots in Galle.

I especially drawn to its natural-designed pool, the modern-rustic philosophy design for the swimming pool compliments well with the lush vegetation and flora-bombed surroundings.


When first arrived, expect to be greeted by the best hotel staff, ever.

Enter Nigella, the daschund! 🙂

With its high-pitched excitement barks and wagging tail, the little wiener dog has even racked up quite an impressive review and according to its owner: racks up more mentions on Trip Advisor than the villa itself 🙂

Naturally PB is all over this little devil :p

You will also notice how prevalent Nigella’s appearance in the hotel grounds is a pivotal interior decorating element for the establishment.

Nigella even made a plushy and decorative appearance in our room, too 🙂

The happy dog joined us as we were unpacking..

In its entirety, the interior is heavy on the resort feels.

All white canvas adorned with antique wooden fixtures and old world posters; bringing in tropical country living vibes. Perfect way to absorb the island life the elite nomad way.


We took our time marvelling (and make use of the wifi) before we head out for a full day of exploring at the old town of Galle. We made a quick change and headed out with our driver to the first stop: Galle itself.

Galle has two sides: the new and the old. Contrary to their respective moniker, the new town is filled with clutter, its a small city much like you would see in Colombo, but once you enter the old town of Galle, its like you are transported to a different location. The expression the grass is greener on the other side applies here.

The Fort city was founded in the 16th century by the Portuguese, Dutch then later redeveloped by the Brits when they took over the town. Ibn Batuta once landed here too, and back then in 1344, it was one of the most important port of Ceylon (and old name for Sri Lanka).

The strong European meets South Asian influence is rampant in every corner of the fort town. We started our rounds around the 10km coastline of Galle Fort Town at the Fort itself 🙂

Climb and you will be served with views of the new city and the vast Indian Ocean out front. 🙂

and of course OOTDs by the reluctant photographer. Regretted I didnt bring my tripod to snap us both :,D

Its exciting how one part of the town has this old, British meets Portugues fort and then later moing on to the city, you find Sri Lanka in temples such as there..

and then back to structures of Dutch influence, like the Old Dutch Hospital Complex, converted as a line of bars and specialty gems shops (oh, btw, Sri Lanka is famous for their gems, mainly sapphire, and they are cheap!), even one luxury watch shop is located in one of the lots in the complex (odd, bearing in mind that this is the first sight of any luxury brands I’ve seen in Sri Lanka).

then sometimes you get Havana-esque feels..

…and then back to Moorish influences.

Already settling it for me as better than Colombo, I came at one of the best times for tourists to come to Galle too. It was low season, and this side of Galle is more concentrated with tourists compared to the new town, but still seemed vacant and quiet. How I love my trips to be like 🙂

For souvenir shopping, again, not entirely reccommended.

If you love religious carvings, deities and masks then this may entice you to bring some back. Many drivers in Colombo had warned us that souvenirs will be more expensive than in Colombo, as Galle is touted to be a popular souvenir shopping destination. However, I can vouch that leather goods; particularly leather suitcases and luggage are really good if you are into that sort of thing.

We went to couple of shops, but came out empty-handed. One particular crafts store nearby an Odel shop has some pretty impressive works. But I prefer Bali, pressed again, to shop for really cheap and good quality craftwork.

We dropped off at Odel in Galle too, and the merchandise on sale was nothing like what you would get in Colombo, more of beach duds and gifts like tshirts, slippers – nothing interesting from a fashion person’s perspective. But the interior makes for a perfect ootd shot. 😀

After a whole afternoon of exploring, we were keen to just chill by the beach. Galle Fort itself do not offer a beachy, sandy spectacle, the touristy beaches part of Galle is a 15-minute drive away from. We selected to go to Wijaya Beach Restaurant, only a 5 minute drive away from our villa and located next to Wijaya beach.

I read rave reviews about the restaurant, and its pit oven pizzas, and we thought pizza for lunch facing the beach isn’t really a bad way to enjoy the rest of the evening, and we weren’t wrong.

pic credit: Trip Advisor. We were so hungry that I wasn’t even gonna bother with taking snaps of the pizza. :,D

We dare say that it is also one of the best fresh pizzas I have ever sampled. The view may have contributed to that extra blast of taste, well, maybe it did.

So gorgeous, that I couldn’t resist coming down to the beach.

The very beach that helped shelter the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami waves thanks to its thick coral reef.

To those wanting to swim/snorkel, there are other parts of the beach that would be safer for this. The waves on this side is too strong, and fortified by lots of rocks and coral reef.

There are areas that you can go for scuba diving, snorkeling and even whale/dolphin watching 🙂

Stunning crystal clear waters and the water’s cool too, but am not so big on water. I’m a voyeur that way.

As it starts to go dark, we headed back to our villa for our complimentary Sushi dinner. We are big fans of sushi, and ever since our trip to Japan in 2013, we have placed our Tsukiji sushi/sashimi experience above everything else. We did arrive to the romantic open air dining pavilion with a slight hesitation and low expectation, but eager to sample our dinner that was a hit on Trip Advisor.

Quick change for dinner in these Odel kaftan/pants with Nelissah Hilman for Dude & The Duchess heels. <3

We started off with one of my fave soups: the Miso soup.

It’s GOOD. 😮

Even my husband, who is not a fan of soups walloped the soup empty.

The next course was  phenomenal, and change the way you’d think about sushi serving in Sri Lanka

Everything was so fresh.

The manager had handpicked everything fresh from the market earlier that day, and prepared with so much thought and finesse as seen on this platter. I really felt like I was in Japan again, it was that smooth and filling. We finished an entire plate and was done before we could sample the soba noodles and the dessert 🙁

As you can imagine, we had to retire early as what would be expected of an old couple (ha!) as we were scheduled to fly early to Malaysia the next day, but not without a hearty Sri Lankan breakfast (with their own country-grown tea and assortment of marmalades).

Egg Poppers, as seen above is eaten with a type of curry and sambal. Its like a crunchier, egg dose and is very filling with just one serving! Even Jelly (Nigella)wants a bite of the goodness too.

When it was time to leave, it was harder than it was in Colombo. 🙁

My sombre, “I dont want to go back yet” face.

It was safe to say that Galle had managed to capture my heart most with just less than a day.

Amazing food, great hospitality from the staff of Why House and love from Nigella aka Jelly and breathtaking views and sight-seeing spots in Galle – everything has been a pleasant experience for both of us.

Here’s hoping that hubby gets another trip down south to Galle again so I can spam/shoot more lookbooks/sights in one of his biz trips. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

See you again, Galle!