In my newest OOTD adventure, I took the new Diorama for a spin.

Dior’s latest creation blends a bit of the old (18th century French gardens inspired the flowers on some) and the new ((that futuristic silver chain and quilted lambskin) , all the elements that makes it a strong contender as this year’s It Bag.

The design of the bag were apparently inspired from the Haute Couture FW14 collection. I am a fan of finishings and details like buckles and metal ornaments, and the Diorama comes with the emblematic clasp that does me more than just securing the bag. The details are an exorbitant appeal for a bag lover as myself!

Clothes: Dude& The Duchess

Have a look at this very mesmerizing (even therapeutic) video of how the Diorama bag is being made!

(video credit: You Tube)