Jewellery addicts like me master the art of selective accessory hoarding; which means that we love and hound a particular brand that always carry themselves ahead of the game in regards to top jewellery trends.

If you had not discover local brand yet, then I’d like to pre-empt you on the impending casualty of the contents of your wallet, as they are one of the few local brands that actually do carry pieces that are so tres chic and ahead of the curve.

Offering and accepting my inclinations to said brand, Dipped Row have tapped me as their ‘ambasadress’ for their latest collection of delicate pearl trinkets and statement pieces from their Stylist Collection.

Have a look below in the catalogue shoot with the label featuring looks (unless mentioned otherwise) by Forever 21!

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Wardrobe by Forever 21

  • (acommodating pieces from my own personal stash of clothes)

Photographed by Keith Chee

Makeup and Hair by Gavin Soh