2 days away folks!

If you have not decided whether you should be camping out or staying in, allow me to make it the decision crystal clear for you.

H&M’s latest designer collaboration , with luxury haute couture brand Balmain is a marriage of the most effective social media campaign (Olivier Rousteing, the brand’s creative director has one of the most popular Instagram pages in the French fashion world) , top models (friends with cool benefits like Jourdan Dunn, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner) and a killer collection to boot!

Balmain’s fashion DNA is always identified for its hypersexy, strong reference to the glittering nightlife scene of the 80s and 90s, added with  French design codes for that Franco flair. This collection with H&M brought in that essence, a factor of which Olivier Rousteing has prioritized into bringing the DNA of Balmain as much as he could into the H&M collaboration.

This means that you could find the same treatment and attention to detail as much as you would find on a Balmain frock into this glitzy, expansive collection with H&M! I absolutely love how Olivier brought back highlights from his previous RTW collection from Balmain and brought it into the collaboration.

Case in point , this Balmain, velvet pearl-beaded jacket from the runway show 2012:

Which is was obviously a magpie favorite of mine, that Olivier brought back into the H&M collaboration :

matched with the black bandeau (RM 79.90) and the collection’s suede bikini line-high boots (really, its at my crotch’s level :p) over the suede green skinny pants.

Another favorite of mine is this rope-detailed sheer dark blue top with metal hardware and gold zipped details.


from the catwalk…


Matched rivet-edged belt (RM299) and draped miniskirt in red (RMand those super-high boots (RM999).

And for my winter travels? Why bother with a plain old piece of sweater when this monochrome turtle neck top (RM199) could get your game on?


I matched them with the same mossy green suede pants (RM1299) with gold accents and buckled this choker (RM 299) and bangle (RM269) to bring it!

Am also glad that Olivier decided to design a roomier bag ( this leather Malette bag, RM799) for all of our girly essentials for the collection, and paired with the rope gladiator high heels (RM599).

You will soon be able to get your hands on the collection starting this Thursday, the 5th of November.

Go grab them as doors will be open early! See you there at Lot 10 or at the Avenue K store! 😉


Shot by Nazim aka @kopi.right on Instagram.

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