No realtion to that West End/Broadway hit Kinky Boots, of all shoes I love, boots got to take that cake. Rather than going for the static route, I decided to take matters into my own hands (feet?) and figured the best way I could show off my fave boot collection (part of it, really) is to prance around in my room to Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made for Walkin’.

We don’t have Fall here, yes but how can you resist not docking a few (or a vault) or these darling booties in your shoe closet? Boots carry so many personalities compared to your heels or sandals; you could be anarchistic/non-conformist, a mod queen or even a high-class escort like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Since obviously the streets of Malaysia do not present an ideal situation for me to strut my stuff without being cat-called to death in my thigh-high boots; I took the liberty of just being god-awful silly and let loose in some of my favourite boots from my personal collection to one of my favorite songs to be sassy in.

Again, this is an amateur’s visual diary, so be kind and just enjoy looking at me being silly. No, that’s not how I dance in clubs but if among the right clique, I could go all Cameron Diaz in these. 😉