New York, London and now Milan!


Before we move forward to Paris, news feeds are already flooding with Street Style photos hot off the press that has given me the jitters to navigate my own style take of Fashion Week dressing. With daily feeds from the likes of Tommy Tons, Adam Katz and Street Style Stars sites on fashion week looks, you have no need to score a ticket to a fashion show (though, of course that wouldn’t hurt) just to look as good.

Since Milan is on this week, I have directed my most current lookbook inspo based on the Milanese essence, and how inspirations from their movies and culture in particular could be encapsulated in one look. The result is this..



Shot by: Aimanness Harun of

Blazer: Korea

Dress: bargain bin that escaped me.

Belt: River Island

Bag: Late Mom’s

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses: Prada

Heels: Dolce & Gabbana


What’s special about this look was that it has bits of sentiments which I added to enhance that Italian flair, since drama was embedded in their culture! I always have had my mom’s dinner tote (I kinda rummaged her closet and stole it years back) but would never assume to find a way to wear it. That all changed when I watched Malena, and how Monica Belucci hooked totes like these on her arms and strutted in the tightest of pencil skirts and captured the eyes of the townfolk as she teetered in her kitten heels. Milanese style has a poignant feminine feel to it, as they value the feminine form and sex appeal. The Dolces are a Carrie complex that I have, as I buy my shoes based on how I imagined her wearing it, and oh this may have been one of her faves if she were to be a real life character! 🙂