With a section of my closet dedicated entirely to a bibliophile of denims in a plethora of colors and textures, how does one find a pair of jeans to fit into a whole new category altogether? To redefine the meaning of denimwear, Uniqlo has taken the ambition to a whole new territory.

Ultra Stretch Jeans

Unlike jeggings, Uniqlo’s newest jeans collection Re-Jean is all about the reinvention of the popular denim trousers beyond its smart casual credibility. How?

On the media preview of the new jeans by Uniqlo, we were each given a pair of its ultra stretchy denims to test — at a rock-climbing facility (Camp 5 in OU)! Members of the media were put in an endurance course to demonstrate how durable the denim material is.

When fashion people get up this early to do some extreme activity, you bet that the result can be hilarious! ;p

Yours truly were assembled in a team and panned out to compete with other teams in series of four obstacle courses. Though arriving with our nerves going haywire, I gotta say that maybe (MAAAYBE) I do like rock-climbing after all. Scaling the walls of the facility were proven to be an ease with the Uniqlo jeans, one could even opt to wear these when you go for any extreme activity.

Participants climbing blindfolded with confidence and comfort

Despite being in many incriminating and complicated positions (insert sexual innuendo here), the denims triumphantly dominated the pressure and the demands of the activity. We found ourselves enjoying every bit of the obstacle courses presented to us!

At the end of the activity, we emerged as second runner-up (hey, this is coming from someone who counts walking up and down malls as an extreme activity) and it was clear how members of the media are enjoying this as well. With the helpful staff and amazing opportunity to test our endurance skills, we all turned out to be quite alright 😀

UNIQLO Malaysia team and media participants


Oh yeah, Uniqlo denims have topped off their promise on the extreme durable jeans argument, almost lightweight in design and extremely fashionable too! Go grab hold of the new pair of jeans that you will find yourself wearing almost on an all-week basis 😉

Thank you Uniqlo Malaysia! <3

p/s: I am wearing Uniqlo’s Re: Jean Ultra Stretch Jeans , RM99.90 in stores now!