Like a tramp that I am, I will succumb to the fact that 27 is the number I will have to live to the fullest in this year. While I am still coming to grips with the digits, my approach to style have yet to ‘mature’ to Victoria Beckhams’ level.

Screw your usual constricting tones and corporate silhouettes, this girl refuses to budge from the 21 milestone ever; particularly from one of West Coast cult brand Forever 21; which plays host to my holiday style while I was in Penang.

Top picks were that of this amazingly breezy dress with that signature eyelet lace detail that is befitting of  a getaway style.

Together with Forever 21’s glads (which, lets face it, will never go out of style), you get an instant upgrade from the blase touristy style. Plus, it works wonders in the heat, and yellows and golds work unbelievably well with my skin tone 🙂