I think it’s safe to say that a gold-centric lookbook has been long overdue. Heck, a lookbook post itself has been long overdue.

For CNY, I figured it is about time, given with this amazing pieces selected by myself during a sourcing/loaning trip from The Oldees. While I was busy scurrying around for kimono pieces and qipao for an Oriental inspired shoot, I came across some few adorable qipaos and hakamas I figured would be awesome for some contemporary fashion update.





I wore this vest that’s for kids (YESS!) against this brocade hakama with majestic crane prints in gold all over. I took the liberty of wearing my Forever 21 lace cream dress for some textural punch.

The best part of the hakama was the versatility to style it many ways, adding bonus  to the fact that it comes with large ribbon ties I could work my way around in.

Wearing a statement tee with this one, I criss-crossed the ribbons into sections; framing the witty text 😉

IMG_0415 IMG_0425 IMG_0432

Since I am a jacket girl anyway, I cant resist this qipao jacket and fur stole from The Oldees.

In gold tones and greens, I felt like I was paying an homage to the metallic hue and Pantone’s Color of The Year.

IMG_0365 IMG_0383 IMG_0403

If you’re finding yourselves really eager to score some of the pieces, you can find @the_oldees on Instagram and make your appointment to own one of their amazing vintage kimonos, hakamas, qipaos, cheongsam and more!

Happy Chinese New Year, guys! <3