Remember way back when in primary school days when you would slot 50 cents into one of those egg-canister goodies and these plastic braided chokers would come out.

Pretty much everybody in the early 00s and late 90s have sported these babies back then, I was one of them, and it was one of the few accessories that you can actually get away with wearing at school. :p

You can perhaps associate the style with Clueless’ Tai, or Leon The Professional’s Mathilda and hello, The Craft (MAJOR). A huge number of 90s pop stars and teen actors have made the style so 90s iconic, it still rings fashionable today:

Clueless - Rojak Couture

The late Brittany Murphy as Tai in Clueless

Like the silent rebel that I am, these iconic chokers are synonymous with the idea of misbehaved girls. Its tatted illusion provides a gritty attitude with any outfit you’re wearing and in any subculture you’re emulating into.

Leon Mathila - Rojak Couture

Franco-mod assasin by Mathilde of Leon: The Professional

Thanks to the revivalism of grunge wares and street-wear luxe hybrid on the catwalk, wearing this style choker is back in style, and not just limited to a grungy/gothic look too.

Numerous references have alluded to suggestions of wearing chokers with bomber jackets for a really tough chick attitude, however you can mix it up even to rough up a clean cut look.

Rework your slip dress by adding a slim one layered with a gold fine necklace.

Or, you can embrace the spirit of Coachella with a bulky beaded one for a dash of boho cool. 🙂

Rojak Couture


I took the velvet route, inching towards rugged cool vibes with a lace top, matching velvet blazer and boyfriend jeans to soup the appeal up.