The H&M Conscious Exclusive of 2015 brought in nature-inspired elements infused in the collection.

Hues from light yellows, mossy greens and raw earthy tones  dominate the eco-friendly line-up. I took my Conscious Exclusive pieces to shoot at one of the most secluded areas at Port Dickson. Little that many know, a little enclave by Tanjung Tuan (aka Cape Rachado) proved to be the most breathtaking location to complement my look with the H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection. Nobody told me that it was a proper 30 minute hike (HIKE is an understatement of a word to describe this) towards the location, but proved to be an exotic set for the look and feel of the collection.

One of the most standout key pieces of the collection is this hand-painted tulle ball gown skirt. Despite its size, it was one of the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever put on and breezy too. I chose the Olivia Wilde’s style of wearing the skirt with, an effortless spin to the already formal note of the skirt.

In the line-up: this flamenco tiered organic chiffon frock from the collection. As Spanish heritage influences are a strong trend for Summer ’15, this ebony piece is divine as a summer staple for events to resort wear. Okay, so maybe resort wear seems pushing it too unrealistic but only a fashion maven would not dismiss the wow factor of how these look amazing as a beach get-up.

Not holding back on the artisanal influences, the collection continues with these two statement darlings- this low v-neck cut flare gown and a shorter wrap-around variety with Japanese art strokes on its print.

The gorgeous collection is due to be released in H&M Lot 10 store on the 16th of April 2015. Come early to grab hold of the limited pieces, it will be a guaranteed affordable investment on your part as these collection are slated to go timeless. 🙂

Happy shopping. 😉