Battling rain and impossibly unpredicatable weather, these were no element to halt our ootd lookbook shoot out.

Especially when it comes with a dear friend’s recently debuted frocks from Malaysia Fashion Week 2016.

Hanif Naim has been around since 2010, winning the prestigious Stylo Emerging Designer Award in 2011; the designer went on to London to showcase his collection and even secured a slot for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Mexico to present his collection. Known for his signature drape details, dangerous slits and risque cutouts, his collection is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Hanif’s Infamous straw and spoon dress which won him the Stylo title!


A creation for his Mexico showcase in ’12


This time around, Hanif enfused a more contemporary insertion of what would be normal wardrobe staples spliced with evening/formal wear; his idea of pushing banalities in formalwear.

Worn with my trusty Adidas Superstar by Rita Ora, the dresses are so flexible to be styled in however type of draping you’d prefer. from conservative to utterly cool mood with my other accessory fave; sunglasses.

Follow him on Instagram now @HN_hanifnaim to check out more of his goods, will soon attempt to update a post on Hanif’s latest collection to hit the runway at MFW when I can! :p

Shot by Aimanness @aimanness