When I heard Moschino is showing in Los Angeles, I thought, oh, I have just got to go cover this one. Having been a fan of Jeremy even before his appointment as Moschino’s creative director, the invitation poses as a no brainer for the girl who absolutely loves the city, who so happens to need to settle a few personal matters while in its own as well.

Without thinking too much, I booked my ticket and made sure that my personal plans syncs with the show and I took off – All 22 hours of a long haul flight from KL to La La Land. The show was set to be a part of MADE LA’s event that will also be showing Hood By Air and Tyler the Creator’s show over the weekend.

Located at downtown Los Angeles and paid a hefty 30 dollar ticket (I was so late for being stuck LA’s notorious traffic for an hour for a 20 minute journey to the city) to park my rental, LA Live was the set up of Moschino’s Resort 17 and Menswear SS17 Showcase.

Blame all the selfies and SNAPS I took of my makeup before the journey to the city.

It turned out that I wasn’t really that late to begin with as 7.30 was really the cut off time to actually BE THERE.

Upon arrival, I was escorted to check in and proceeded to queue up outside the showspace to get my accreditation and seating assignment confirmed, while waiting, I had an eyeful on what guests are wearing as from what I have found out; Moschino guests have the propensity to go all out at Moschino shows and this is LA! I even spotted what was later known as Bella Thorne as she was hardly recognizable in a prom princess meets lolita goth-like ensem.

Not my photo by the way and you catch my drift?

Entering the tent, you’d get greeted by this gigantic displays of pool floaties that will surely be the envy of many Swan/Unicorn float instagrammers to go bag one of these.

Wearing RiWanpa dress, sweater and Stan Smith shoes.

I was rushing to find my seat when I got distracted that my seat was almost a few seats away from Christina Milian. So, what would a girl (who watched Bring It On to filth, danced to Am to Pm for one of her high school dance shows) do?

I wasn’t expected a front row seat as usually I get assigned waaay at the back (to be fair the picture opportunities are almost always better :D) , but the awesome folks at Moschino made me feel like an LA celeb in my 15 minutes of fame there :3. So, thank you so much!

So, still distracted and camera-ready (both my phone and slr was on stand by), the show begins with an upbeat music – you just know that the clothes will be as fun! True enough, Miranda Kerr had the honor of opening the show in this intricate ethnic printed, mirror and embroidered matching piece of bolero jacket and dress, strutting her stuff like she would at a VS catwalk and rocking that hard-worked body (also, Katy Perry’s sitting in the audience, must feel a little cringey to know Orly is now dating the VIP guest of the show -_-).

(not my photo)

More and more (or you could say more is more) looks come out gradually that would take you back to the 60s; flower power references that you might see on the modern version of Daphne of Scooby Doo/Austin Powers rolled out from backstage; and true to Jeremy Scott’s form, he added lots of kitschy details that would take you to Woodstock and the Hippie Movement of the 60s. Think glam psychedelia; with bold, bright florescent colors, garish prints and generous embellishments. The Womenswear collection almost overpowered the men’s simply due to the powerful casting of top models that would have you thought if you are at a VS show instead.

Perhaps to fit in with the clothes’ playful, colorful and sexy summer vibe; models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Jourdan Dunn, Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell, Jasmine Tookes, Chanel Iman who are/were all VS angels modelled the collection’s kitschy prints and imaginative styling on the catwalk. Crocheted bra and matching flare pants, floral suits all donned mostly with this oversized, mod-designed pageboy cap that made it so impressionable- ready to embrace a colorful getaway in the Carribean/ anywhere exotic. Top models like Soo Joo Park, Molls Bair and even the return of the 00’s supermodel – Devon Aoki, whose entry made the crowd go absolutely wild for her (I mean, 3 kids and THOSE abs?! unreal!).

Taylor Hill via Vogue.com

Sara Sampaio via Vogue.com

Hailey Baldwin via Vogue.com


Fan favorite Anna Cleveland. Who, I’m pretty sure was the only model briefed by Jeremy Scott to do her performative thang on the catwalk unlike the others. I’d do the same too if i were given something as playful as that frock. Vogue.com

Hello Chanel Iman!

Crocheted lace and Spring Break beads.

The Devon Aoki in her element.

Soo Joo Park rocked in a full flower power suit


Jourdan Dunn sparkled in this cropped top/flare combo. 60s/70s Not going anywhere folks.


Jasmine Tookes (hidden under that hat) gets in that MyScene Barbie vibe if they came out from the 60s/70s. Better yet, I can see any of the Totally Spies girls wearing this to one of their missions.

Taylor Hill is Malibu Barbie.

But hang on, the men’s looks aren’t left out of the fun either. Shades of neon pinks, animal prints and hello, teeny printed briefs adorn them as they walk through the catwalk. And unlike many fashion houses’ preference for waif-like, gender-bending casting, Moschino’s Menswear SS17 show on the other hand, favors the old school, eye candy alternative. Afterall, California is all about the impeccable aesthetic and beach-hunk tropes – and coincidentally it was the LA Pride weekend and boy do Angelenos have SO many to be proud of (both LGBT and Straight ones of course!)


via Vogue.com

And don’t think for once that the men didn’t receive as much theatrical display in the designs for the collection, an intrepid presentation of prints over prints over prints and stark colors bathed the menswear line-up. Breathing a contemporary 60s convergence of modern forms and of course retro prints together. Just add bravado to each of the looks to carry them off well. Jeremy was definitely being generous.


Cindy Crawford’s boy, Presley Gerber even made his runway debut in this bright tangerine lace suit and decorative leis. Vogue.com

Proposing how our summer/pre-summer looks should be like; Fun is Fundamental in both of the Menswear and Womenswear Resort collection for 2017. Scott explained that he really wanted to have fun in his collection, and so to speak he did. Maybe it was his love and loyalty for his hometown that has captured his exuberance and enthusiasm in his designs for the collection, you can really feel that within each of the zany piece of clothing and accessories he had designed, he was infusing his own intepretation of what the Moschino girl/boy would be like in LA.

He clutched the arms of Devon Aoki in the finale, which truly made the girl back in the 00s in me who watched D.O.A, 2 Fast 2 Furious and loads of iconic ads featuring the Bavarian/Japanese model back then swoon in delight. <3

Now here’s when the fun part starts. This is where I go and hunt for pictures of celebs backstage and try to snag them for interviews (which IS HARD!) for the magazine.

It was chaos as HUNDREDS of people were running around with their phones trying to take a pic with Amber Rose, Bella Thorne etc. I was walking straight backstage when i spotted Katy Perry (DUH, I forgot she is a Moschino regular, even fronted the SS16 campaign this year). I’m no fan girl of Katy (I’m more of a Rihanna girl) but I figured, hey, why not and she is dating Orlando Bloom (BOO!) and I think her music’s amazeballs. So in goes the selfie. It was really a Snapchat video but I was shaking as tonnes of people behind her were tapping her shoulders for a selfie that would gain them tonnes of likes on Instagram (being honest here). Close enough, anyway. 😀

So, I had two goals – take a picture with Devon Aoki, interview Anna Cleveland and take backstage shots. Sure enough I was a little too star struck to do anything. Saw Anna Cleveland just posing and talking to a couple of friends I assumed, Kaia Gerber and her mom Cindy just walked past to see Presley Gerber and Devon Aoki was just doing an interview with a TV crew. So I took my time to snap photos of the chaos backstage as the crew pack their stuff away to make sure people dont go stealing them (THEY WERE OUT IN THE OPEN!).

Doing what i do best, stalking from afar, <3

So gorge. Again, 3 kids! 😮

eenie, meenie, miny, moe… which one will fit this shoe ho? Answer: NONE coz they are all model size 🙁

Molls Bair <3

So alas, too edgy and anxious to focus on anything, I set my goals towards meeting Mr. Scott. Behold, he was outside surrounded by a crowd of fans all wanting to take a selfie with him.

Scott was known to be very good to his fans, spending most of his time snapping pics and entertaining selfies and questions from them.

The music was too loud for a soundbite on what he thinks of the collection and more. So I nudged for a selfie because I truly did admire him since his pre-Moschino days anyway. The historic moment happened and I snapped.

Two words: HOT. MESS

Now on cloud 9, the VIP guests are ushered towards the after party on the other tent. That was an exit cue for me to head off back home and start typing my review of the show on thelist-mag.com. Easily one of the most incredible runway show experience of my life so far. Can’t wait to see what will Moschino churn next for Womenswear SS17!

BTW, check out some of my SNAP review video below. Will do better once I can afford a videographer with me 😉