Almost two days of nosing about in Athens have had me curious. What lies outside of this amazing city was a million of hectares of unexplored photo-ops, historical ruins and breathtaking terrains. Reading all of the trip advisor reccommendations only fueled my curiosity further; got ourselves a rental ride throughout our stay and naturally were inclined to take our senses for an adventure on a couple of daytrips out fo Athens. For the traveller who loves to change scenes than the busy,busy, very touristy Athens, here’s how I spent my last days out of Athens 😉

  1. Corinth

We read lots of reviews on trip advisor and local travel blogs about heading out of the city to Delphi, but the idea of driving for 3 hours and back in a day was too exhausting of a thought to make an effort of. So my husband did a couple of research (and a business call from a client who happened to have stayed in Athens for years) and a suggestion to explore the city came up. With one look at a canal site that we have been googling online was enough of an instinct to start our engines, and only reachable by a 2-hour drive towards the coastal city in the mid-western peninsula of Greece.

The Corinth Canal

You’ll definitely enjoy the coastal drive throughout as you pass countless tunnels, ports and different shades of blues.

Our first stop was the man-made canal that links the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf at the Aegean Sea. It had ancient roots of it being proposed by Periander in 7BC, but only come into fruition in the 1880s. Though initially built to let ships pass as a short route, however it presented a host of problems like landslide and terrain instability; so now, the path has become a popular tourist spot – with canal cruises!

Apart from the photo-op above, there isn’t much to do here. In photos however, it might look like a glorified ‘longkang’ but the magnitude of the man-made creation (you can see from one end to the other!) and azure blue waters down below was captivating. 🙂 There were a few souvenir shops along this site as well, though there aren’t really anything to shout about.

Temple of Apollo, Corinth

Oh, look! More fallen columns and ruins. While we have almost come to a point where we just couldn’t handle any more history, Corinth presents a different perspective for culture vultures out there. Here, lies a charming small stretch of shops that leads up to an edifice of fallen Hellenic columns and remnants of what was once a prosperous settlement. The site was quite huge and the best part – quiet. Hardly any tourist was around while my husband and I trollied around the area. It was nice to have a place that we can take our time to chill and  really immerse ourselves around the environment and unhindered OOTD sessions 🙂 Plus, we get to pay our own tribute to the God of Truth, Prophecy and hell yeah, Music!

Jack and Rose hear us roar!

Acropolis of Corinth / AcroCorinth

And once more, the couple who takes everything spontaneously spots a castle-like fixture on top of the hill from the Temple ruins. Took the liberty of asking a local, and he mentioned that it was the Acropolis of Corinth – and easy to reach if you are driving with car in less than 5 minutes!

This view was the closest to being with the Divine I have ever felt.

Though the drive was very (and I mean) VERY steep, the coastal view of the entire Corinth was without words to describe. You will have the birds eye view of the neighboring, across the coast city of Loutraki and a peak of Mt. Parnassus, the highest peak in Greece way up in Delphi. <3

The castle ruin was one of the most ‘impressive’ fortress named by many historians, the only regret we have is that we came in way too late! Please take note that most attractions outside of Athens are closed at 3pm -_- Alas, we only got pics from the outside 🙁

I dont even watch GOT but this gives me the Westeros feels.

The City of Corinth

To end our day trip, we decided to have a seafood late lunch at the main city itself. About 15 minutes away from the sites, we were entered a very empty city; with most of its shops closed and very few people walking about. Corinth is not a small city but the amount of traffic and people walking around made us feel like we were in a small town. But hey, all the better for us to enjoy the city 🙂

There are only a few tourists around, maybe because we came on a Tuesday and it was already about 4pm, where businesses shuts its doors at 3pm. We just huddled into one of Trip Advisor’s reccomended food place in Corinth; Londou Fish Tavern for some authentic Greek seafood meal. I couldnt share you the photos of what we had consumed because we were so hungry that we just ate it all up and couldn’t be bothered to snap the meal, but we had a huge bowl of prawn seafood pasta and a couple of garlic bread with tzatziki dip. Only can say nyum.

After lunch, I went around by the coast and some parts of the city to take some photos. You can tell alot of businesses were hurt from the economic situation Greece and the dissatisfaction with vandalism rife on every wall of every block and store shutters in the city.

One of my favorite spot is this view of Loutraki from the other peninsula. Magic!

2. Mount Parnitha

With literally no idea of where else we should be going, husband’s idea of trekking the highest mountain in Athens didn’t sit well with me in the beginning. But as a nature/animal lover and a devoted wife, I relented after seeing how excited he is planning and studying his trek routes the night before. Taking the risk of not looking cute in my non-hiking gear and what’s left in my suitcase, I hastily bought an Athens jumper to perhaps help channel my eager trekking spirit and thus sped off for a 40-minute joyride (mostly his) up top the mountain.

The Mbafi cat. With the casino at the background. How did this feline get way up here?!! SMH

My research conveyed a few interesting facts about this mountain, I mean, there must be a reason to why trekking in Mt Parnitha (or Parnes) was ranked as one of the highest must-do things while in Athens. Despite its interesting flora and fauna offerings (you can see deer in the forest and they will come at you as many trekkers have fed them before!) , there is also a small, casino nested on top of the mountain. We went there for a visit, but if you’re comparing this to Genting Highlands at anytime just don’t; you’d be very dissapointed. I started cheering up a bit when I see this view, albeit the hazy weather that particular day.

With a slight hesitation as we were about to go trekking without a guide at a foreign place (completely rational thinking here, for the first time!) , we drove towards our first stop ; a mountain refuge/cabin called Mbafi. There are a couple of easy to hard trekking here, and we were told that the Mbafi – Mola trek is the easiest at 3 hours (cringing at that moment). Where were we headed to really? we had no clue, with only a couple of discussions in the forum that mentioned of a beautiful clearing with fauna roaming wild and spot to go for a picnic at. So, with a little doubt and a heaving excitement on the bear’s (my pet name for my husband if you haven’t been catching up haha) part, I took my Adidas Superstars , APC jeans, a Chanel bag packed with goodies and lots of bottled water ( a MUST!) and an Athens sweater, we set off into the woods.

Said my prayers and not bump into Pan, the mythical creature said to be roaming in these woods. huuu

The path was not easy and weren’t too kind (and my poor Superstars took a toll from the rocky terrain) to our feet, but the path was laid out surprisingly easy infront of us despite the dense vegetation. Another surprise came from my sudden thrill of actually eager in completing the trail, and omg, I’m sorta digging it too! HA!

Just the two of us with nothing but the sound of birds uptop a mountain and a phone gps with declining battery pack – my confident Bear!

With the easy red markers placed on the trees and the rocks, we instinctively follow our guts and let the markers lead us to where we hope to be going.

2 hours in, I now know that I am pretty keen on the fact that I would probably love trekking if it doesn’t get me as sweaty and sticky as I would be in Malaysia. Weather was perfectly sunny and cool breezy at the same time, further encouraging me to complete the trek and make the husband proud!

By all means however, NEVER veer off track from the markers. We took an ‘intelligent’ short cut and realized that we could be tumbling down 30 ft below -_-

A little sweaty but almost there!!!!

The city of Thebes *birthplace of Hercules* at the back!

Finally, entering the Mola territory, a chapel refuge that tells us that the final trek is finished at mere minutes away. and there was even a couple there (just A couple) picniking by the old chapel. They helped us by showing us the way towards the final hurdle of the trek and we came to this wonderful clearing with itty bitty daisies and lavender shoots 🙂

The old Mola chapel

Check out the white spots, they are baby daisiessss

We didn’t get to feed any deer, but we did get to see a buck. Buck was a scaredy cat tho.

 Heading back took us quicker than we expected at 1 hour and a half, and seeing the towers where our car was parked was a brilliant pat in my back for achieving such a non-Haida achievement! 😀

Hubby calls this the Thunderbird tower lol.

Now 5pm, we were obviously famished and heading back down. We took a few stops to take some photos on the way down.

Another reccomended stop at the foot of the mountain is to try ANY of the row of restaurants that serve souvlaki or any grilled meats. We were told by a good friend that making a stop here is a must and we were SOLD. 🙂

3. Sounion

 Remembering what our new friend from Brettos mentioned, that the drive from East Coast of to the West Coast from Athens to Sounion and back was one of the best things to do to end our trip. And so we did. With the primary goal of driving towards the Temple of Poseidon at the tip of Cape Sounion, I was enamoured by the idyllic drive <3

one of the charming old, seaside towns we stumbled into towards Cape Sounion.

it was cloudy but the beaches were blueee

drawn to this singular blooming bud <3

Had this souffle (really is a molten lava choc cake) at the cafe outside of Poseidon’s Temple site. the poem on this place mat is of Lord Byron – who etched this gem on the stones of the temple when he came here in the 1800s !

another ancient marketplace/biz centre of what was then before 🙂

praise god. Here I am at the tip of the Greecian mainland!

Meeting the Aegean Sea..

I have taken too many photos of this wonderful coastal motorway that wasnjust too epic. May have overused the word beautiful in this context way too many times. <3 But really, none could really describe what i saw. You can easily not go to the islands and spend a day or two here of the famed Vougliameni beach with close to similar azure waters and majestic cliffs a rocky structures (only 20 mins from Athens!) .


Wish i could really share more photos from my drive here but I believe that I will be clogging my feed and any of your just wont be bothered to read anymore. But in all honesty, I would defo come back to this country again; perhaps visit more of the islands (for Instagram’s sake, amirite? bahumbug!) the olive orchard and experience a Vougliameni sunset with the husband. Anyway, here’s to end this Greek adventure post with a gratuitious Indian food sampling right next door to our hotel before we head to the airport 🙂

Check out the tum tums of the bear <3 hahahahaha ONE OF THE BEST WEYYY

Happy travels and stay tuned for my next HYTravels adventureee!!