Driving for about 3 hours for the perfect OOTD seems like a ridiculous stretch, however, being the quirky if not, crazy adventurer myself; I set off solo for a 3-hour trip to explore an almost barren part of SoCal located south called Niland.

Starting from Heidi Nazaruddin’s house (aka you can follow her on Instagram here @theambitionista) in Santa Monica, the drive from the coast to the city limits of LA (where Riverside is) wasn’t so much of a change, but reaching closer towards Palm Springs territory, you’d find yourselves itching to take snapshots of the scenic drive towards the flat, barren lands in Niland; particularly the windmills made so famous by hundreds of fashion editorials by luxury brands.

At this time, I was already feeling a little tired (jetlag, hello?) but reaching the very, scorching hot drive towards Salton Sea was a treat for the eyes. I was chanting my praises to God while I was driving , embracing the American open road-tripping experience all on my own.

My first location was the now defunct development of Salton Sea. Now a State Recreation Park, the area was once planned for a modern project aimed at elites. Since neighboring Palm Springs was a success in tourism, developers at the time was keen to replicate the popularity with the addition of a prime residential project that would entice the wealthy to set up this place as their playground. In an unfortunate twist, the project never came into fruition, and a freak flash flood back in the 50s filled up an ancient lake basin in the middle of the desert and has been there since. For some reason, the project never continued and a number of artists, small community resides in this Mad Max-like environment.

My first stop was Bombay Beach. There are a few ‘beaches’ but the one here has a small RV community that reminds you of a set of one of those trailer park movies in the middle of nowhere, and then some loads of abandoned trailers that still have got some of it’s fixtures and furnitures in!

Loving the buildings around this quiet place.

As for the beach, this is not the kind that you would swim into. The water’s salt content is extremely high, and fishes (I don’t know how they got there the first place) die and the smell of the beach is reeking with the smell of rotting fish (but tilapia thrives here and there are a number of fishermen spotted here fishing). Boating are a much preferred activity here as the dense salt content makes them float great, birdwatchers will defo love this spot too with hundreds of species of birds and migratory ones descend on this lake (huge pelicans were spotted from where I was).


OOTD : Topshop Reversible bomber jacket, Boy London cutoff shorts, H&M shirt, ZARA bralet, Dior shades




Venturing further down South of the ‘coast’, you have to make a stop by Salvation Mountain before you enter Slab City (NOT a city, city btw). This giant sculpture was made by artist Leonard Knight, and then after his passing, hundreds of artists offered to continue maintaining the work and repairs when needed. 🙂

The drive towards the location was an American Postcard-scenic one.

The area is cluttered by old vehicles colorfully decorated with Lordly praises of Jesus and religious sentiments.


Reversed my bomber to this blue colored one! <3


A little further up (less than a minute drive) is the entrance to Slab City. It was a dead, ghost town with nothing but lots of ridden down campers and quirky artistic installations made by artists and members of the small community.



Steampunk Sailormoon: Vintage dress, H&M shirt, Vintage boots

IMG_0883 - Copy

There were more to explore, but I had to dump all of my plans as it was getting late and I do not want to be stranded at a remote place like this!! lol

My advice is if you really do love to embark on the American road trip experience and art/cultural idiosyncracies then I highly suggest you to come visit this quirky place! However, do take note that temps in the summer could reach as high as 40 degrees and its closed during high summer in July. Travelling alone is not recommended, as you will be travelling in  the middle of nowhere with no gas stations within a 20 mile radius. So, if your car did actually break down, you’re basically doomed -_- (dont do what I did!)

Driving back to Los Angeles <3

Will continue my next OOTD journey along the way, stay tunedd!