I have only managed to stay for 3 days in Milan, but throughout those few days, it was suffice to secure my beliefs that Milan is one of those places in my list that I could foresee myself living in. Indeed the obvious would be credited to its fashion scene; great food and gorgeous Italian men (ha!) so to conclude my honeymoon trip in the city of style – here’s my summary list of what I think of Milan in a nutshell, and why I am dying to go back there soon!

  1. The Food, oh the food!

Naturally, people would assume that I would rave about its fashion scene in my first list, but my trip highlights are definitely rated from the food experience foremost. The food that we have had here was nothing short of amazing; the best and freshest of cheese, homemade/handmade pastas and bread and departmental stores dedicated to celebrate the food capital of the world (if I may say so). Food quality is not to be disputed from the roadside food trucks to 5-star restaurant treats; the quality remains unbelievably consistent. We have been stuffing our faces with so much off of our checklist and surprisingly, not up to the point where we feel we have had enough of Italian food. So okay, maybe there is such a thing as cheese overload but when in Milan, these locals have found a 1001 ways to remix simple dishes to standards as high as any 5-star Italian restaurants in KL and even in food-acclaimed European countries. See what we mean here, because trying to categorize the experience in chronological order is almost not possible.


Apologies for ignorant me, but I have only discovered the idea of this popular snack in Italy via Cake Boss, which is fair enough, right? Naturally when in Milan, we have concocted a special list- a bucket list if you will on all the things we should try when in the city. I have never tried Carlo’s treats, but from my experience when I was in LA; desserts and snacks over there are just sugar sugar and nothing else. But since they look so darn good piled up at the stall on a Christmas market we went by the Navigli Pavese; we were converts right there and then. The magic of the snack is not in its sweet content; in its the richness of its creamy, whipped ricotta content and that semi-crusty, pastry dough and generous amount of unsickly icing sugar shower all over it. Needless to say, we had almost 2 servings per day when we we were out. YUM.

Bresaola and Beef Carpaccios

For the love of god, thank you for Bresaola. Since yours truly is no porky consumer, getting my salami meat fix hasn’t been easy; since a large portion of antipasti meat selections are all porkilicious (prosciutto, parma ham etc) so when Bresaola entered the pic I was much too happy to settle with the meat on a regular (daily basis). Drizzled with olive oil, the thickest and richest of balsamic oil vinegar and jiggly burata cheese cuts and rocket salad on a plate. I die.

The best hot choc. EVER.

Coming from a non-choc fan, only Milan could whip me up to my senses thanks to a cup of heavy dollop of cream and literally melted, rich dark chocolate substituted as a drink. Keep in mind that these chocolates are high quality Swiss chocs utilized in the making of these sinful cup of diabetes. Though many will love this viscosity of the drink, I always prefer mine with more milk and cream (you know, because it wasn’t artery-clogging enough) and these demands were greatly met by all of our random cafe stopovers.

I dont know, man, just food in general – Risotto, Gnocchis, Polenta, Carpaccio WTF


Okay so yes, Italian food can do no wrong and in Milan, it’s an epic of a tale as of gods and goddesses told. From top high class restaurants for our date night, to homey restaurants the experience have been beyond extraordinary. One of those noteworthy stops for all lovers of European/Italian food is to go to EATaly, a department store dedicated entirely to food. Everything from fresh seafood selections (swordfish, octopus, herring) , to a whole section for cheese and cuts of meat, a biblioteque of wines and different types of gourmet balsamic oils AH! Too much, too much! We even stopped over on one of the floors for lunch, and left feeling very very envious of the decadent yet rewarding lifestyle of life revolving around food Milanese seemed to champion effortlessly. You would be surprised that you can hardly see any obese locals around!

The best-rated wine by Vivino app so far (Barolo) at 4.3 stars and an assortment of gourmet sea salts, artisanal balsamic vinegar and chianti for Eataly.

You wouldn’t expect departmental store food could bear the same class of preparation and quality of food to that of a 5 star Italian restaurant in KL, but it did. A breathtaking gastronomical treat!

At a 5-star restaurant where we had our date night by the luxury shopping district in Milan.

May look like vomit, but this parmesan risotto was classic perfection.

Classic seared beef with roast endives. omnomnom


2. History in almost every corner of the city

The majestic Duomo Cathedral

How can you compete with a city that carries so much character in every carving, edifice and cobbled step you take? Milan is breathtaking; centuries-old churches, important works of arts and landmarks all bearing a story so epic you can’t help but to hold your jaw from dropping with each and every discovery along the way. Unlike Paris or London, where most important works of iconic arts may be housed in a couple of museums and some parks/castles, the city of Milan is the museo itself. From the Sforza Castle to Santa Maria Delle Grazie and fountain statues and fixtures, chapels, even shopping malls; history is everywhere. It was difficult for us to keep up as each detail and foundation of the city makes up the wonder and charm of Milan today.

@ Santa Maria Delle Grazie, a small gothic-style church bearing two most important artworks by Renaissance artists one being Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. Not depicted in this photo.

You are only allowed 15 mins to have a look /scrutinize the mural, but for non art/history lovers, you will be absorbed with the beauty and significance of this painting and will find that 15 minutes will not be enough.

Dont be like us, book your tickets months sooner!

Sforza Castle

An unfinished, prominent piece  entitled ‘Rodanini Pieta’ from famed sculpturist, Michaelangelo.

Castle Sforza’s courtyard.

San Bernadino Alle Ossa

Actual skulls unearthed from the cemetery below to make way for this chapel. Some say if you listen closely, one particular skull at the altar will whisper at you. ooOooOo

A shot right outside the chapel <3

3. Shop til you drop, for real.

If you are well-versed with the Milanese fashion DNA, you would well know that Milanese approach to fashion embraces the gaudy, the bold and the downright in-your-face in style. Sex appeal is turned up on another level with risque options and daring dressers apply on as many colors, and are unapologetic with details, treatments and hardware – something that clearly resonate with my sense of style. A current fave fast fashion find would be OVS; cluttered with Sicilian-style lace dresses like you would see off on a Dolce and Gabbana ad (the star of its OVS holiday campaign is fronted by none other than the gorgeous Bianca Balti) . Outlet stores are a staple of Milan shopping, located sporadically around the city’s famed shopping district(s). Sure go and take pics at the stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle to stick your heel on the bull’s testicle ( a mosaic tile on the floor and its said to bring good luck) , but if you’re a bargain hunter like me, these outlet stores are just bang on. However, a better option would be to go to Serravalle or Fox Town nearby Lake Como (where we went) and dented our cards good while we were there! Almost 50% to 70% off on deals, you;d be gobsmacked by the amount of outlet stores that they have in one building.

credit: milanocard.it It was too busy to take an appealing photo 🙁



I wish I can take you back..but one can only have one too many tweed jackets :,(


Somewhere in the Duomo area, a very large outlet store with brands from Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Lacroix, John Galliano, etc etc are found. I got this Ash Wednesday chelsea boots for only 40 Euros huhu.


Fox Town: Only an hour’s train ride outside of Milan and a 15 minute walk to the outlet from the station.

Damage done.

Spoils on our honeymoon: Burberry Brit Leather Jacket for 349 Euros, D&G wallet, Sandro boots, Calvin Klein Undies <3


4. Amazing hotel: Chateau Monfort

With hundreds of hotels in the city; our choice to stay at Chateau Monfort was the best. Hubs took extra attention to my love for hotels with character; and Chateau Monfort has that bit of a French fairytale setting with so many symbols of the rabbit and pastel-colors inspired from famous books and operas. Blogger Kristina Bazan has apparently stayed there before (pure coincidence found out when I stayed there) and a popular press presentation/ events setting in Milan.

The charming walls, neo-Romantic details make great backdrop for OOTDs and dramatic photos.

5. A few hours from Switzerland, with a fantastic view on the way/back

Visiting our friend Bam Bam and Sandra in Zermatt (that will be in a later post), the 4-hour train ride was a window to all the picturesque post-card views bound to have you sticking your nose on the window panels throughout. Passing by a charming Italian city calledn Domodossola; located at the foot of the Swiss alps, from Brig (a city in Switzerland) and passing through the huge, popular Lake Como (setting for Ocean’s Eleven/Thirteen/Twelve dunno, James Bond movie location ,’Cool’ music video by Gwen Stefani and numerous holiday homes of Hollywood celebs) as you go to Milan. The view was worth all the Euros.

6. Beautiful Alleyways and oldy-wordy setting : Brera district

I love to walk, its the best way to explore the inner secrets and pathways that local have treaded, along the way unearthing adorable and memorable treasures along the way. The Brera district in Milan is a well-recommended spot to visit while you are here, the appeal lies in its Bohemian atmosphere it emanates, due to its rows and rows of antique shops, art galleries and museums (Milan’s best art museo; Pinoteca Brera is here!) and them old-style looking shops. Also, when you are around, check out the apartments and the effort the Milanese took to decorate their balconies, it’s too charming!

7) The magic of Navigli Pavese

Another strolling favorite by the canals designed by Leonardo Da Vinci himself, don’t mind if I do!

This beautiful stretch of canal has hundreds of restaurants (all are very good!), art galleries and kitschy stores and local boutiques and my advice if you love to walk in the nighttime, this is where you should head out for a walk. Navigili Pavese is well-known for its night life and is commonly busy at night. So if you think the streets are quiet during the day, I’d suggest you take a stroll at night, but please beware of pickpockets!

All in, Milan was a wonderful package. People are very helpful, courteous and good food with an amazing shopping and sight-seeing experience. Highly recommended for everyone! Art enthusiasts, fashion lovers , voyeurs (its such an amazing place to do people watching!) and history and nature lovers got them all covered if Milan is where you want to go.

I foresee Milan in my travels next year! 😀