adidas 2

I never seen myself in top-to-toe hip athletic wear, specifically urban wares that could only belong to a Missy Elliot video. I have never been a musically-inclined fan of Rita Ora either, but somehow, these two unlikely elements when merged together, makes for a pretty radical collection.

The Adidas Originals by Rita Ora is interpreted well with the spirit of Adidas and the singer’s whimsical passion for fashion. From the Roy Lichtenstein-inspired pieces I’m wearing, the energy is hard to dismiss when you put them on; its breezy, airy pieces make it easy to move into. So even if you’re all about busting a move or just wanting to add drama in your strides, the appeal of the collection get heads turn, for sure.


adidas 4


adidas 5


The collection is expected to hit stores, very soon. I would suggest to hit the KLCC store instead, well stocked!


Top by: Helmut Lang.

Jacket, Leggings and Sneaker Wedges all by Adidas by Rita Ora