Ah, shoes.

Another day, another hoard of beautiful shoes presented to the world. Taking flight, my addiction now takes me to Jimmy Choo; as they presented their Fall 15 collection in Pavilion to members of the media.

Sandra Choi, the brand’s creative director look to the ballet stage in channeling the Fall 15 collection for women. Strappy ribbons, tulle organza pieces attached on the designs of the shoes emit these mood, complete with the infusion of the innocent colors of ballerina pinks and blush however counter-played with pieces and accessories in darker, moodier colors like mauve, reds and the inescapable Jimmy Choo signature; python.

As if they are already come wrapped with bows for  your Christmas present, the collection boasts a wonderful plethora of designs that one may not associate with the wintry season.


 Ladylike types continues on to exude the Princess-y impression, but carry a distinct feminine force as did Lady Di did when she had her pair of Jimmy Choos on.

I took the liberty of trying out a bag I couldn’t resist trying. In lieu with my attachment with cross-body bags, this particular one matches my hippie-chic get-up; and polishes my entire look altogether. <3 ( and goes with my Prada sunglasses!)

As like most cases when it comes to shoes, I almost always prefer flats and if anything, the men’s collection had me really excited.

For men’s, Jimmy Choo played up the English gentlemen ideals. Like a modern day Lord with a dash of rock and roll, the shoes exhibit a balanced convergence of modern aesthetics and the classic roots.

Brogues, monk shoes in a multitude of different textures and details enough to cover every facet of the London gentleman. If one wants to play Bond, perhaps the slips with the silhouettes of women disguised as camo (fittingly coined Porno Camo!) would fit his credentials!

BRB, want to order these star-studded white kicks for my wedding shoes ;,D.

Head on over to Pavilion to check out their entire pre-fall collection that is already in stores. It’s a must to at leas include a pari of Jimmy Choos in your Christmas list 😉