Are you a lady of the day or a nocturnal dudette of the night? This is why I love things that glitter and sparkle; as they acclimatize well to both situations and lighting conditions. Now I’m not that much of a lady, but when the color pink is involved I instantly switch on that little molecule in me that carries the girly chic gene and manifests itself in ways that is a Haida Yusof signature.

Never wanting to settle with just a ‘safe’ , feminine look. I opted to take this gorgeous, heavily beaded mini Lady Dior bag out for a spin in my own intepretation. With its sweet baby pink hue embellished with perfection, I brought out my Cali Barbie personality out to play with my day wear look.

Pink poufy cropped top against peach pink cropped pants and some cateye sunglasses, do the trick.

img_2058 img_2100 img_2114

I always shake in disagreement when people say you should’t wear matching colors in one look. Especially in the case of this statement-bearing Lady Dior bag, the aim really is to go all out with the bag.

My outfit emphasis has always been about attitude and to match with this Lady Dior’s energy, one can only one-up this game with similar styling philosophy: GO ALL OUT.


I even took the extra effort to find matching earrings for the bag. Never too much, says I.


At night is where things really get trippy. Out-dressing my Lady Dior bag with a glitzy sequinned bomber and Balenciaga boots to add a touch of badassery to the girly-esque bag. While I dont veer off too far from the ultra girly subject, necessary roughness needs to be added with these go-to boots of mine to shake things up.

img_9713 img_9753

You may get your hands on this limited edition Mini Lady Dior bag especially for Dior KLCC boutique that is opening this December the 1st!

  • Special thanks to Aimanness for the night shots!
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