Leave it to Kate Spade to take the whimsical up a notch! When I received the invite for the collection preview, I had rested in mind that the brand would have an intimate gathering and presentation at their Pavilion store as what most brands have opted for. Little did I know I was far from right.


Located at Marble 8, the venue itself is a tease, as it was usually used to play host for exclusive events. Sensing that I may have to one-up my dress-up game a bit, I forked out almost an hour of my time for the best Kate Spade-esque outfit. Indeed it paid off!

Dragging Aimanness Harun, photog extraordinaire as my plus one-cum-photographer; we sighted fashionable peeps making an entry to the venue. The giddyness really got started when we got out to the garden bit of the establishment, for obvious reasons.


The photowall and the fixtures surrounding the vicinity reminds me of the Queen of Hearts’ compound from Alice in Wonderland, fitting that it is also a Kate Spade event. geddit?

The applique fixtures from the background were apparently imported from from Thailand! 😮

Anyway, it was dreamy. Worthy for all Instagram addicts in search of the perfect event props for internationally-acclaimed blogger photos.

More venue porn, OOTD with top from Next, skirt from vintage store, heels from Vincci and bag from Nose. Eek!

As we mingle around, the presentation began with models decked in Kate Spade heading towards their positions on the standees (which were previously abused by fellow Instagrammers such as I).

The zany garden-centric collection has the typical Kate Spade whimsy approach. From frog bag baskets to sequinned bucket hats, all in a nutshell, was a visual treat! My absolute must-have is this particular dress, which you may have seen on me as I gallantly posted on the ‘gram which also happens to be from their SS15 collection!

Aww yea!

It was refreshing to get  acquainted with brand who changes the thematic game every season. Absolutely brilliant presentation with an exceptional team on lead of the event. It’s nice to get events like this going than apart from the usual static press presentation! So PR teams, do take note 🙂

The atmosphere was bang on, too! As I crack my wallflower exterior and reached out for a must-have photo op with the GM, which turns out to be hardly an effort! 😉

With the bubbly GM of Kate Spade SEA, Elodie. Whose dress game was spot on, naturally by Kate Spade, of course!

The collection is expected to be out from late February to March onwards, so do pop by the store to absorb the Kate Spade experience. Hey, if Iris and Karlie could get in the game, no excuse you shouldnt!

Bravo Valiram girls! 🙂

From left (girl in beige top and pleated midi skirt) Aisyah, GM Elodie and Jacquard dress wearing Haylie Ng who masterminded the event!