My first order of business upon returning from the UK was quite a daunting, yet exciting one. After almost 2 years in the business, this is my first foray as a presenter/speaker for a style workshop, representing Kate Spade in my first attempt! I was to be meeting and sharing my knowledge in fashion and style with Malaysia’s budding fashion and social icons, sahring my tips and tricks with Kate Spade’s Holiday 14 collection with them lot.After a very easy fitting appointment to pick up my OOTD for the main event, I prepped on a Thursday, the 8th of January to meet with the socialites!

I chose…


Weapon of choice. harumph!

and a final dressing roomΒ selfie..because duh.

click click, pout.


I have always admired the Kate Spade brand, particularly for its tongue-in-cheek delivery in its designs and novelty items. A clutch in the shape of a rocket? A dress with bright old baubles as buttons? Air balloon earrings? Only Kate Spade! I’ve always envisioned the Manhattan Elites to wear Kate Spade, particularly debutantes.

A table of delectable accessories from Kate Spade’s Holiday 14!





After setting up and quick chat with Aisyah and Haylie, the duo who entrusted me with the responsibility of educating the higher echelon (teehee), we opened our doors and let the guests indulge themselves with the Kate Spade goodies.

I got to admit that I was a little nervous, I have not met these girls in person before, and are all related to either a) royalty, b) granddaughters of former Malaysian premier, c) bluebloods, nuff said. But I was pleasantly surprised with their presence, not an inch of arrogance, uber adorable and I even made a couple of friends of my own! πŸ™‚


With Marissa Habib, yes, of Habib Jewels and super sweet! ;)

With Marissa Habib, yes, of Habib Jewels and super sweet! πŸ˜‰


Throughout the workshop was surprisingly pretty simple, I had the opportunity to share my knowledge of trends and what they can use that would be relevant next season and the seasons after. My absolute best selection is the black Drop Waist dress with diamante studs all over and the shirtdress with the pussy bow blouse. Classic and play along very well in any season and easy to adapt in any climate πŸ™‚



Making a strong case for the Upper East Side tweed jacket.

Making a strong case for the Upper East Side tweed jacket.

and I cant leave without touching base with the importance of novelty clutches to complete your outfit, and how one standout statement bag could really be the game changer of your entire look. Its certainly not hard to gain attention from the audience with those adorable accessories laid out on the table.



After laying out some ideas and tips to take great photos and gain more (not buy cough, cough) followers, it was nice to see the girls trying out the tips on a great OOTD shot and play of elements. πŸ™‚ All in all, it was really fun, much like a girl gathering rather than a preachy fashion class, these girls clearly do not need any! πŸ˜‰


From L to R- Ally Mukhriz, Imaan Hamdan

From L to R- Ally Mukhriz, Imaan Hamdan already grasping the big boho 70s trend to come.

I couldn’t wait for my next one with Kate Spade, special thanks for Aisyah and Haylie for having me, and the girls who were so cooperative and being such a good sport throughout the presentation! :3 My mission of kick starting a fashion revolution is in motion! πŸ˜€

from L to R- Haida Yusof, Marissa Habib, Tengku Shaheera Abdullah

Group Picture

Fabulousness in one photo! Thanks to Kate Spade for having me <3