Katy Perry’s performance for the Superbowl halftime show was on one of the most watched Superbowl show in history! (supposedly surpassing that Janet J’s titty incident). Though the internet was buzzing with a certain off cue dancing shark (who then later got famous after a reveal of how scrummy the man in the suit really is) we gotta hand it to the costumes that Miss Perry had on throughout the show.

The internet did indeed break with a hit by hit of internet memes from Hunger Games all the way to Cheetos, Kate Perry’s costumes where definitely a buzz;all credited to bff Jeremy Scott’s and Moschino’s creation for the performance looks. Here’re the exclusive sketches and looks of the zany outfits that may have catapulted the show to cult status.

Look 1 - Jeremy Scott image003

LOOK 1 – Flame look

Katy Perry was inspired for her opening look by a flame shoe design from Jeremy Scott for adidas.    This all patent leather outfit of colorful flames are intricately cut out and appliqued over glittering gold leather

Quote from Jeremy “I wanted something strong, power, and iconic for Katy’s entrance”

Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show


LOOK 2- Beach Ball bustier look

Inspired by the song and staging for “California Gurls” the outfit is a humorous nod to beach balls and captures both Jeremy and Katy’s sense of humor with fashion

Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show


LOOK 3-  Hip Hop Hoodie

Inspired by a football jersey mixed with the streetwear staple hooded sweatshirt this hybrid finds itself covered with an abundance of crystals to give it a  “bling bling” style

Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show


LOOK 4-  Star Finale Gown by Moschino

Old Hollywood glamour meets sci-fi glitz for the closing number of Firework.  The dress made in silver lame twisted into a one shoulder evening gown exploding with silver holographic stars of various sizes. The dress also features a star shaped cut out on the side that meets with the gowns hi octane glamour hi cut slit.