Through the long weekend, I felt my getaway in Cameron Highlands was a an ‘inadequate’ experience. Bringing my itchy feet along, I got hold of an earlier reference from a friend on a tiny getaway shack in Beranang. Named Kepyok (javanese for Gate), the entire compound belonged to a Malay man and his Japanese wife who used to stay in Subang themselves, and converted what was once a family-only retreat to a public zen stopover for weekends/special occasions.

As I plonked the coordinates in Google Maps, I saw that the distance between USj3 all the way towards the location may only take 40 minutes tops. With no hesitation and my camera all packed and ready, I hopped forward to Beranang with an eager sense of discovery (and my well-deserved semi-break).

A few kilometers after the Bandar Seri Putra exit in Bangi, expect a windy series of small, pot-hole-ridden roads as you drive towards the place (and a couple of venomous snake sightings :3) . Closing in to the location, you will be greeted by a sight of shrubs and lush greens as you drive uphill towards lot number 1275. Greeted by a large green metallic green door and a red-brick wall facade, the real treat really begins once you got in beyond the door.

The warm Yasmin Yoko, host and owner of the venue approached at the door and welcomed me to enter the premises. Immediately there, a field of green greets you and Yasmin’s warmth had already made me feel right at home 🙂

Beyond this gate, is a calming set-up of Balinese/Javanese architecture with its intricate carvings and wooden fixtures looks out to you 🙂

The main house served as the guests’ waiting area; with a kitchen, a reading corner and the wifi section for those who cant seem to zone out from net connectivity.

Brilliantly set-up by the owners’ own son who is an architect, you can see that the house accomodates the entirety of its green, tropical environment so fittingly. Lots of dark wood, brown, earthy tones are even out in every character of the house.

Yasmin later introduced me to the guests’ quarters; an lined array of interconnected rooms enough to accomodate 3 families. The best part of the house; is the pond-adjoined bathroom of this view when you go and have your shower :3

My favorite room (that I got access to) is the one located next to the pool.. Love the colors (and that popular Ikea quilt cover :3)

Speaking of pools…

The retreat comes equipped with one very decent-sized pool. 🙂 I’m in love with the dark blue mosaic tiles and trimmed with those thick bushes of pink bougainvilleas.

If you’re looking for any activites you can do apart from dipping in the pool, the owners have also got their own mini pond just a short walk below that you can fish, and do bbq from their own hand-constructed pits 🙂 Broga is only a 30 minute drive from where this place is located, you can do an early riser and include this as part of the family activity too. There is nearby golf as well very nearby; Statfield Country Resort.

This place screams nothing but raw nature and if anything, promotes a sense of togetherness in an instant when you congregate with your loved ones in this tiny but intimate retreat. 🙂

I would say that those wanting to come over to this location must take note that this is a place that is meant to be a zen retreat, meaning access to most privileges isn’t available at a nearby village. Bring your own snacks and ingredients as you can cook for meals since restaurants closest to you would require you to drive out quite a distance to Bandar Seri Putra. The family is currently tending to a farm of organic produce, you can freely pick the produce and whip up a meal in the kitchen. Then again, you’re here to be here, so I think you should scrap any plans for food outside of the retreat anyway and enjoy the displacement for a while 😀

I know I did..

I think this charming little place is just what you need for a short detachment from the chaos of city life. Pack your bags for the weekend and just chill, really, and spoil yourself with the time you barely invest for yourself. You will love the hosts, too. You’d feel like its your own family home rather than a commercial retreat with their very welcoming gestures and lovely treatment. 🙂

Those wanting to come could plonk this in your Google Maps as it’ll bring you straight to the location coordinates at 2.880262, 101.838477, or if you think you can find more details here:

(OOTD in Michael Michael Kors’ summer-friendly tie-dye two piece with Kate Spade’s pineapple cross-body and Forever 21 sandals)