A beautician, I am not; but speaking on behalf of all the girls out there looking for the right fit for her skin; I am.

For years, I have basically abandoned any form of skincare regime when it comes to taking care of my face. I wasn’t too keen to slap on any form of chemical/synthetic skin products and have been settling with the organic way of dealing with my skin; pretty much focusing more on my diet. Along with the complex and very sensitive behavior of my skin, applying anything foreign or unorganic on my skin has become a definite no. Really, that so-called dewy, glowy look of my skin is actually my super oily and annoying skin acting up (which will only do well if its on a day pic).

Kiehls stepped into the frame and have probably turned things upside down for the girl who used to shun skincare products; having me and a couple of other members of the media to a special presentation from the VP and Global Education of Kiehls herself, all the way from NYC!

For Kiehl’s launch of their newest Daily Reviving Concentrate, I took interest to check out the hype after extensive reviews on the miracle of facial oils (even as a combative tool to rid of oily skin). The setup of the entire event was lovely, perfectly alluring to the organic essence of the Kiehls brand 😀

I sniffed my way toward the bar of dried herbs and flowers; ingredients that make up their best-selling Midnight Recovery Concentrate and its Day sidekick; the Daily Reviving Concentrate.

A homeopathy afficionado (got it from mom) like myself are well aware of how these ingredients are intrinsic to the welfare of the skin. Notes like lavender, chamomile, rose and other popular and unassuming therapeutic elements make up these bottles of skinsavers.


Cammie took her time to explain, and prove the potency of facial oils even in our difficult climate setting. The skin, oily or not ; require a balanced daily production of moisture and contrary to popular belief, adding facial oils to your oily skin surface will not create an even greasier texture to the skin, but helps counter the excessive production of sebum on your face.

The Daily Reviving Concentrate also comes with a special effect that comes with it after a minute of applying on your face, the kicker to this is the ‘blurring’ effect, much like how you’d see Old Hollywood screen sirens with their skin looked absolutely glowing in this flawless glamorous tone.


Pre-photoshop days 🙂

Upon application on my hand , its as if your appearance of fine lines are slowly muted and produced this dewy, plumpy, smoothened appearance than the usual skeletor- decrepit hands I seem to carry around.

So as a convinced woman, I took the plunge to settle into a routine, applying this oil on my face and neck and see how it fares when I step out in the hot sun , and as a makeup base for two whole weeks.

Before application: slightly dried, but if you know me personally, i rarely drink water and this skin is on a good day of me actually remembered to apply lotion before -hand.

Maybe the camera plays tricks but on close range it does play its incredible smoothening effect!

The verdict? I am a changed woman.

I couldn’t stop bringing it everywhere, and my makeup application doesn’t seem to dry out the texture off. As a result, the Daily Reviving Concentrate is a bombshell product for those looking to have the perfect sunkissed skin effect! Best part is that your skin just sort of absorb the oil and retain its moisture, and I have noticed that my face has reduced its sebum production noticably.

To celebrate, this is how I apply and how I apply my version of a sun-kissed skin makeup effect that really shows off the effect of this amazing product!

Starting off with me, with no filters/photo treatment in bare skin after two weeks of religious application. 🙂

Now here’s how I put them on.

I have started treating my skin with extra care since a year ago, because at the back of my mind; replays of my late mom nagging me to take better care of my skin kept on coming up, and she kept swearing by the way you apply makeup down to the how apply your moisturizers.

When I apply my Daily Reviving Concentrate, I used these three simple gestures to make sure that the skin absorb the best off its repairing particles.

Rub a small amount of oil against your fingertips and dab them on your forehead and  gently tapping them on your skin, not rubbing them at all.

Tap gently and apply more oil on your cheeks and across

and not also your chin area, which for me is one of the most greasiest parts of my face.

I like to apply with two fingers if I’ve got time, if I’m rushing to go, I’ll use for fingers to cover more surface areas for my skin. The trick is to ensure than you dont drag the oil across your face, no pulling or pushing movements as this will drab your face in time. Another method I do is also to apply them upwards 🙂

If you want, you may dab a small amount of the oil on your lips, it helped me so much in retaining my lips from becoming too chapped.

Next, I applied a light layer of powder, you dont want to absorb too much of the oil and dry your skin out.

A concealer is my favorite tool in my makeup arsenal, to disguise those horrible dark circle (but sometimes useful for brooding eye makeup)

After another light application of powder and letting the makeup set (or ‘cook’), another small dollop of foundation applied, also applied with an upward direction like I did with the oil application routine.

Set it once more with another dust of light layer of powder, then I start working on adding a light shimmer/bronzer around my cheekbone area, the secret ingredient to a sunkissed look.

A hint of blush!

.. and my fave step, eyemakeup!

From a simple dab of copper-based color on top of my skintone that goes miles with a flick of the mascara and my signature cat-eye eyeliner effect.

To add dash more drama, I applied an eyebrow manicure in a lighter tone to not offset the look too much, brushed with an eyebrow pencil to define the arch of my brows.

The final few steps are a simple glide of lipliner and brushed my lipcolor with a lipstick applicator.

and afer all that layers of makeup, no contouring, minimal highlighting application, the skin still feels breezy to breathe and in perfect dewy consistency for a sun-kissed effect!

Let your hair down with beach-ready waves to really set the tone!

There you have it! My first beauty do-up makeup look with Kiehls, I salute you all beauty bloggers, man. This wasn’t easy to do! 😀

Hope you’re kind with the comments and go on try this amazing product yourselves, really, like, GO FOR IT! 😀