Fashion is an outlet for me.

While our version of fashion week is a far cry from the notable fashion capitals of the world in terms of coverage and fashion sensibility; KLFW was no more less in terms of the hype it generates and the fashionable looks it delivers.

Hits and misses are expected, but alot did come decked out in their best statement wares which admittedly bought solely for fashion week (I know I do! haha!). I’ve never really experience the KLFW fashion week hype for the past few years and so I decided to bring it all on this year’s KLFW; much like a coming out party of my existence in the Malaysian fashion scene (meh).

Irregardless, I have dusted off these few looks which were bought eons ago on the pretense of showing at a special event (lol, which means it has stayed there in my closet for ages!). and while some think that it might be too much (you know what I am talking about) , but hey, I expressed what needed to be expressed and I had fun showing it off!

Props to those who took my streetstyle photos <3


by Nadine Jasmine