With barely a few days before the runway spectacular begins, I took the libery to compile a personal commandment of style to follow this KLFW RTW 2016 starting this Wednesday.

True with my nature of not wanting to blend in with the crowd, I have compiled a sort of guideline/reminder on creating looks that will be memorable throughout the week (I hope). Then again, my philosophy stems on ‘go have fun’ with your clothes and that’s exactly what I did with the items that I have in my wardrobe. While most of you may not have any

Commandment 1: Perk up your whites


Whites can be such a cliche color. Monochromatic dressing has been a fan favorite at fashion shows/events as it’s the easiest to wear with anything. My take is rather than going the clean bill approach, why not add a little danger to your ensemble with some more ‘poof’ or juxtapose textures for maximum impact? 😀

They say tutus are so last season, well, if you find you can still work on it this season; then all so-called rules are out the window.

Commandment 2: Go Ahead, Go Loco for Logos


I love logos. Monogrammed or not, but my preference lies great on pop culture elements. Nothing more iconic than the Coca Cola logo; and that’s exactly what I am capitalizing on. Wear it with pride or with a 70s spin like I do; with flared pants (also a winning pick for this season) and a touch of bejewelled beret.

Commandment 3: Navy is the New Black


Let it be known that black has become sort of a taboo color in my wardrobe. After having more than 17 years of owning ONLY black, safe to say I have evolved to accept that there are more than just one color that could be deemed as a neutral color in my book. If darker colors are how you roll, why not go for Navy instead?

I took my version of glamour with this navy top and pants.

Commandment 4: Let the colors run wild


Its RIO season afterall. Embrace the fever pitch with colorful pairings together. What better way to stand out than with bold tones to get you seen across the room?

Commandment 5: If black is the way to go, go goth!

IMG_1000Okay, I lied. I have a few black pieces in my wardrobe. The color black is meant to act as a ‘safe shield’ for any potential bad ootds. Since health goth or street couture seems to be all the rage now; I implemented a tough of hip hop glam meets a touch of goth with this one; just to step out from the usual sleek look sported by many with this tone.