(This might be lame, but whenever I travel, my mind selects a track that goes in sync with the location/mood of the place. For this particular one I seem to have this song stuck in my head, so please hit play and let this track sink in as you read the post!)

Continuing our next journey of sight-seeing/work, the team’s next shooting location is looking out to be quote a spectacle (not like the previous day’s location was of any less of a view :D). We were told that the next location is located approx. 1 hour and half all the way north east of Los Angeles. Given with a picture of what our next prospective shooting location look like, we were all too pleased to get there.

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, Lancaster, California

Braving through Los Angeles traffic!

While being stuck in traffic, this Rihanna fan girl was all to pleased when she researched that the location we are heading out to also happened to be her shooting location for The Only Girl in The World! Naturally we were all too excited to get to the location for the shoot. 🙂

(despite a 30-minute delay from that legendary Los Angeles traffic!)

After an unbelievable journey of winding roads and majestic Californian mountains (and we got lost no thanks to my Garmin GPS), the signal loss was well worth the obstacle.

Dont snap and drive -_-

We arrived from mountaneous terrains down to this sight of flatlands and barren landscape. There was no sight of blossoming poppies or flowers anywhere as of yet 🙁 However, we weren’t too bummed, we learned later that it was currently the dry season, so chances of seeing a full field of blooming orange and red poppies will be unlikely.

Despite this piece of information, we were way too in awe of the place that we took a short stop to have our shots taken. I was blown away by pretty much everything around this place.

While snapping away, Yuna’s entourage arrived and showed us a different route for the final location shoot.

Just a short 10 minute drive, we arrive at the base of a series of rolling hills (and of alas, no poppies :() with an incredible view of the sun-setting on the horizon. <3

Though it was sunny, the winds were blowing at the rate of almost 30km/hour AND it was a shrivelling 14 degree weather. In all this, the team proceeded to shoot as I run around to shoot my own ootds and shoot bts video of Yuna and Hatta’s exclusive project.

Shot by Yuna’s mama, Aunty Anum! 😀


Rojak Couture Lancaster -2

I took close to 350 shots of this day alone! Will hopefully debut the video shot for Yuna and Hatta’s special project come August at KLFW. 😀

We wrapped it up at about 7pm (and that was when the temperature dropped up to 10 degrees!)

ROjak Couture Lancaster 3

Heading home, we were all too tired and we had another long way road trip to our next shooting location the next day 🙂

Perhaps one day soon, we’ll be able to head back to the venue with a field full of flowers! 😀