To be honest I can’t keep up with which days I go where anymore, but I am pretty certain that we had our itinerary planned for Malibu the next day for Aimanness’ full day of shoot.

Still slightly jet lagged, we woke up at 10am, onwards to the first shooting slot for a very special project between Malaysian designer Hatta Dolmat and Yuna, which, I am unable to reveal as of yet. 😀

Already briefed on the surroundings of the location would be like, I dusted out my favorite camel-hued calf-high boots and H&M scarf on top of my Mango peasant blouse and jeans. The idea is to commemorate a kind of, a boho Mad Max wonderland as I tread the beaches and sandy dunes of the California beach. Also, 13 degrees was not really a temperature suited for my packed miniskirts and see through tops. -_-


Located approximately 50km north of the capital city, we took the Pacific Coast Highway route to reach to our first location of the day; a cliffside setting to the name of El Matador beach. 🙂

Obviously we spent an hour taking early shots of ourselves before the team’s work commenced. We even spotted orcas from the distance moving in groups in the ocean!

After almost 3 hours of shooting, we then make our move further up north. We were told by Yuna that the next location was saved best for last. Didn’t really think how much more awed than I would be on the first location, but again, I was wrong.

For another 20km around the winding road (and gosh, the setting sun!!) north; we were treated with one hell of a sight. It was one of those magical places that took our breath away, and don’t just take my word for it. Hatta was even THIS close to tears as he marvelled on the spectacle which he saw. I was also pretty psyched that I managed to tick off my bucket list of driving via the PCH while blasting Del Rey tracks, so cliche’d I know, but it fits the vibe so succinctly!


The location was Point Mugu Sand Dunes, a towering sand dune that mimic a set from (hey!) a Mad Max movie or even a crop of a Sci-Fi movie set. Since yours truly was a gatecrasher, the only sane thing to do is to hijack the shoot location for my own ootd purpose. A word for the wise, perhaps a little fitness prep is required for those who wanted to trek uphill; it was quite the climb!



It wasn’t until the clock strikes 7.15 that when our shoot enters a halt to check out the sunset spectacle. It as otherwordly. I took a short shot of Yuna while I am at it.

..and the rest of the crew enters this semi-spiritual phase of silence. It was really the first time I have ever properly seen a sun set in its true wholesome form and avast of color. Nothing like it..


Like Carrie Bradshaw marooned on some desert island aha!

Easily one of those places I will see myself coming back for more (photos).


OOTD Details: 

Mango blouse

H&M Jeans and Scarf

Daniel Wellington Watch

Dolce & Gabbana Eyewear via Luxottica Malaysia

Boots from thrift store

Chanel backpack

Stradivarius headband.

Shot by Aimanness and self-portrait shots.