Los Angeles need no introduction and my unending jibs about how much I miss this place.

Since my last trip in 2012, I have always contemplated to come back again to really do the beautiful setting justice. By all means, in a more sartorially justifiable way of honoring the capital of the Golden State, of course!

Together with Aiman, as I tag along with him to this spontaneous birthday trip planned, I put on one of my favorite concoction as of yet. Don’t really know what brought me into wearing this assembly as I usually made reference from my movies, perhaps many see this look as an ode to Pretty Woman.. and you might be right, but something about the Stars, Blue and Reds, leather jackets and these garter pants that somehow gels together. :3

Rojak Couture LA 1

Down by Hollywood Boulevard, I took the liberty to bring out my inner streetwalker (aka ho couture) down to the pavement of the stars. Did get some proper stares from these, but can’t help but to continue channel my goth meets punk Vivien Ward.

Rojak Couture LA 2

 I wore my Sandro Paris boots against Forever 21 garter pants, Korea leather jacket and Hilfiger sweater. Made perfect with these Prada round-framed eyewear and Chanel backpack.


Rojak Couture Look 4


Shot by Aimanness Harun

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