To begin a post on my LA experience proven to be quite the challenge. I mean, how do you chronicle a 9-day journey in one of the most biggest cities in the world and detail every single pit stop there is out there? Tough one, I might add; judging from the 1,568 images currently backlogging my camera card space from Los Angeles alone!

If there would be a city I would decide to live in so far (from my travels to Europe in Asia), Los Angeles takes the cake. Now, many have said that I will much prefer San Fran, and some astrologer even mention that my spirit city would be Amsterdam (gotta beg to differ because I didn’t really enjoy the place); but this 5th visit to this amazing, bustling city has further cemented my beliefs on why the La La Land is the one that taps my creative soul. Sure, there are plastics and the superficial lifestyle of living you can never seem to escape from while you’re here; but the wonders of the City of Angels belay on the amazing geographical elements; eclectic fashion sense, colorful array of ethnic influences and of course – music and movies! Along with Aimanness, who was shooting for Yuna and Hatta’s latest project, Fai and Yuna’s mom; I shamelessly gate crashed the scene and boy, what an experience it turned out to be!

So, to demonstrate an attempt to capture as many Los Angeles/California-esque looks and the narration behind each of these looks; I can only confide in you a short commentary of how I encapsulate the essence of Cali fashion in a series of posts; including various visual stimuli to whet your wanderlust-ful appetite.

Also, try to scroll this post with this song on loop that I feel captured the mood of my wanderings in Los Angeles:

Pasadena and Malibu

It was Coachella week, and you bet that all the biggest bloggers and style stars were hounding a particular bargain-hunting favorite for festival goers aka the Rose Bowl at Pasadena, California.

Open on the 2nd Sunday of every month, the stadium caters to a large gathering of sellers of second hand items, antiques, novelty items and hipster-approved wares in one setting. With an entry charge of USD5, one can enter and marvel at the vast selection of goodies that would prove to be a hazardous addition to your baggage limit back home to Malaysia. I love, loveeeee vintage stuff; so much so that half my wardrobe is actually curated with pieces from the 80s, 70s and 90s; even from costumes from Drag shows (no kidding) and TV series wardrobe finds. I suggest for all bargain thrill seekers to come over and see this place for yourself. 😉


(you can watch Yuna’s #3 Vlog to get a glimpse of what I snagged at the market ;P)


Vintage denim jacket from Los Angeles (3 years ago), Jeans by H&M, shirt by Calvin Klein, bag by Chanel, Sneakers by Adidas Stan Smiths and Sunglasses by Prada Eyewear from Luxottica Malaysia.

The look I chose captured an ode to what I think is the iconic boho fashion of the Golden State; embellished denim, with frayed denim and crisp statement sneaks to finish. A mix of vintage looks made contemporary with a slick street feel thanks to 90s favorite iconic sneakers and round-eyed glasses.

IMG_1405 IMG_1411


We drove after to Malibu beach, a shoot location recee for a special collab project between Yuna and Hatta Dolmat. Almost a 40 minute drive from Pasadena through the mountainous terrains of Malibu was too much for me, a decadent drive through majestic passes and feast for the eyes.


FullSizeRender (1)

Dont snap and drive kids.

A quick stop for some sustenance at Neptune’s Net is recommended, where we sampled some seafood grilled or deep fried to our heart’s (dis)content.


FullSizeRender (3)

Rojak Couture - Malibu

Non-seafood grazing at a seafood restaurant wtf.

But the real treat was the sunset; promised to be one of the most epic you’d ever seen. By my book, this was one of the most memorable stops, like, ever. Despite the freezing cold temps, we braved in for a mini photoshoot because what else is there to do? :p


My signature Legally Blonde pose – hey, that’s a Cali-shot movie! 😀

Facing the vast Pacific Ocean, the temperature drop was apparent and somehow did not deter us from having our own mini shoot there. Right here in Malibu beach, time stands still, and watching the sun actually setting was a surreal experience.

rojakcouture - malibu

Sans Aimanness at the lens.



It was tough to articulate the scene that we saw the other day, so to share a cut of the sundown experience in Malibu, click below to have a glimpse of what we saw.

That wraps up day 2, hang in there for the next one! Thanks for stopping by! 😀