I am a sucker for white shirts. I first fall head over heels to its potent versatility as a chic fashion staple while I was researching for my editorial inspiration. I stumbled across some of the most iconic fashionistas, Jane Birkin, Caroline de Maigret and of course, Ines de La Fressange. The idea of a simple white shirt that could single-handedly define a look validates the notion of how more can be achieved with less, a style ideology the French has mastered the art of. The Uniqlo x Ines de La Fressange carries just that essence, a fine tuning of the making of the crisp white shirt is detriment to emulate that flawless French savoir faire. As an ode to the stylemaker that is Ines, I have compiled here my 7-day OOTD with the iconic plain white shirt, in between struggles of actually cleaning it on time to have me wear the piece for the next day! :p

Thank you Uniqlo for the thoughtful gift <3

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4

uniqlo 4 (3)

uniqlo 4 (2)

Day 5

uniqlo 5

uniqlo 5 (2)

Day 6

uniqlo look 6 part 2

Lookbook Uniqlo Day 6 - Copy

Day 7

uniqlo 6 - Copy

Uniqlo Look 7 part 1