Conjoining my birthday/bachelorette adventure on the weekend, I opted for a one night stay in the mystical Island of Langkawi on Thursday. Since the stay was planned in Langkawi (prior to the hop to Koh Li Pe the next day), I decided to explore an unconventional stay on the island than the usual one-night bunk in Chenang beach. I scrolled countless hotels in Langkawi that could suit our standards for a Insta-spam friendly stay and the name Bon Ton popped up. Considerably affordable and clipped with an impressive accolade as one of Conde Nast Traveller’s Hot List tag with it, the only exucse would be to proceed with a one night stay on the rustic-looking accomodation. Being an old soul myself, Bon Ton seems to tik all the right boxes, and its location so close to the airport and Chenang beach makes it all the more appealing it is as a go to stay for our one night in Langkawi.

Along with photog and close friend Aiman, we hopped on a ferry from Kuala Kedah to Langkawi (only Rm23 one-way) and proceeded straight to Bon Ton. The fare was a standard RM25-RM30 from Kuah, which was quite a considerable amount charged for a 30-minute journey from jetty to Chenang area.

Upon arrival, the rustic Bon Ton signboard by the roadside would not have scored your first impression, but as our cabby trekked deeper to the entrance we started to see a very promising facade surrounding the property.

Our first sight was the amount of cats loitering and grooming around the property. Loads of cats! Cats on our seats, cats by the cabanas, cats rolling on the floors; EVERYWHERE! You could also hear dogs barking not far away from the area. Why so? Its because the owner also operates an animal shelter (LASSie-Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary), rescuing neglected and abused animals around the Island! As yours truly is a cat fanatic, this environment sinks me right at home. In fact, the entire zen feeling of this place if I may dare say so is largely contributed by the antics of these Island kitties promoting the lounge-y lifestyle. ­čÖé

With that in mind, I hope you wont mind the vast amount of kitty photobombs on our photos and upcoming ootd shots. The breakfast verandah has an impressive view. I mean, this:

and the manager explained that on sunset, you could experience a million dollar view from the restaurant we are currently positioned. No arguments there, we were taken breathless by the view.

as advertised..

The resort isn’t located next to a beach, as the closest beach to go to is Chenang, a 15 minute walk from the resort. Since I am not┬átoo bothered to go out to Chenang (been there a couple of times already), I even think that those who opt to stay at Bon Ton could find no excuse to do so. It’s secluded, super private and gorgeous; all the reasons for a Insta-addict like me to explore the area and spam my feed with the amazing setup of the place.

 The restaurant/resort is a has 8 rustic wooden chalets offered on its grounds, suited to fit the amount of guests you have coming with you. The wooden houses are authentic, century old houses of Malay kampung style characteristics and when I say authentic, I mean that these are actual antiques. They acquired the houses, transported to the property and restored piece by piece on the resort! All in the name of providing that authentic Kampung Malay atmosphere to its guests, you can even smell that old world charm from the wood and building style (no nails etc) decorated with antique furniture and maintained fittings similar to the olden days. oh, the bathrooms were open air too!

Pic courtesy of

Did you see the cat?

As we walked about the area, the manager sneakily told us that they had upgraded our accomodation. Already brimming with excitement, we walked together to the other side of the property; which turns out to be another, more private resort called Temple Tree!


Unlike its sibling Bon Ton, Temple Tree has that extra special exclusive vibe about it, probably due to the sheer size of the individual accomodation units (houses, more like!). Also, the houses on this side of the property are all from the colonial era; each of these 8 houses are remnants of that past and represent its own architectural heritage; such as the Kedah house, Colonial house, Malay house, Chinese house and more. Yes, like Bon Ton resort too, these houses were acquired, stripped carefully, and transported to this resort where it was painstakingly pieced together to form back to its majestic glory. Each too were fitted with antique furniture and decor to maintain its original old world appeal!

Exhibit A: the reception area is of this wooden Malay kampung house design, set next to this contemporary lounge pool area!

After much teasing around, the manager brought us to our accomodation: a house!

Yes, a whole house!

The Malay house was (according to them) what they would usually house VIPs to enjoy their stay at Temple Tree. At this time, Aiman was still sort of gobsmacked by the whole deal; of which he came to a delayed realization that the entire house was for us to spend the night in! The entire house for two of us was, obviously, MASSIVE!

I had to..

Upon entry there was this lounge living area, next to the posterior of the house: the dining room; which looks out to both sunrise and sunset.

Was tempted to steal the carpet

Right next to the other room, was this spectacle, located next to a wooden bathtub!!!

as you would expect, our iphone battery packs drop at a significant rate per minute thanks to our snap-happy activity.

Now, now those who asked if the resort is wifi-quipped, then yes. Each house has their own wi-fi router but if one needs to answer e-mails or watch videos on the ‘Tube should just scratch that. The signal isn’t as strong and why would you bring work here on the first place? ┬áAs TV is not quipped with cable or any working channels, I would suggest you to come prepped with a USB device flooded with movies/favorite TV series..or you could just stop being a tech-clingy bug and just zone out like we did (or more like gave up finding any workable reception)

While both of us had yet to halt our oohs and ahhs, we immediately scrapped any plans to head out and enjoy the sunset scene (and OOTD shots) around the vicinity. For a lack of a better word, we were blown away.

There are three pools in the area: 2 within Temple Tree premises (which I feel are so so much more better) and the name of the resort is actually derived from a nearby tree which grown entwined around a palm tree. The resort built a brick wall enclosure surrounding it (and a shrine built under the tree) and some guests would come and pray for lucky lottery numbers (for obvious reasons, I didn’t snap any photos of this as it was nearing dusk and I’m a superstitious person when it comes to┬ásupernatural things :3).

All urban legends aside, I found myself transfixed by the sight, far away and detached from my usual impulse to refresh my email inbox. I felt carefree and careless, which was a very refreshing feel not compared to my other escapades in Bali and more. After taking a thousand sunset photos and OOTD shots, we headed back to our nest to get ready for dinner at Chenang, and knocked out after a tiring 7 hour journey by car and boat to reach the Island.


Sunrise, sunrise.

Giving Maya Karin’s Nescafe Ad smize a run for her money.

Always a morning person, we eagerly awake to snap even more photos of the area. Including our shower tryst in the morning. :p

I suggest those who travel with their significant other should try this bathtub post-sexytime, but for those travelling with friends fret not, next to this is a bathroom with a large rain shower head, and yes, with those creases between wooden flooring for the water to seep through below; like how I remember these kampung houses used to be like!

Unlike most resorts, breakfast is served at your accomodation, stocked the night before in the fridge and prepared by YOU! ­čÖé

and a special guest, lingering for free food under that chair.


The breakfast spread is pretty modest and simple. Just a couple slices of bread, jam, butter, a selection of tea and coffee, milk, apples and a slice of cake for the two of us. Those who want more could order from the restaurant just next to the building, but we were satisfied by the kampung lifestyle we already grow (temporarily) accustomed to.

on our final hours before our departure, we head around the area to snap photos of my raya OOTD, also killing two birds with one stone by just chilling in the remaining hours we have left. It was hard to start packing to leave..

The inner organs of this majestic Chinese house

After kissing most of the cats goodbye, I rate our stay of 8 out of 10. Amazing service, friendly staff, isolated and exclusive ambience and props to the authenticity of the place (location,location,location : its only 5 minutes away from Padang Matsirat Airport). Bon Ton and Temple Tree win my heart (and surely yours) for its unpretentiousness and homely appeal. The place didn’t try too hard to please its guests, and I think this authentic approach is what plonks them as the best boutique hotel in Langkawi and also, the best for me so far on my countless stays in Langkawi.

Check out for more reviews and affordable rates.

Will be loading up my Koh Li Pe adventure and OOTD for both Raya and Fashion lookbook soon ­čÖé


Stay tuned!