Let’s face it, Malaysia can never embrace the ‘Sweater Weather’ situation unlike many other countries with the temperal luxury. Just because so, a sweater top by Malaysian standards have got to have a design tweak that allows sanctions for breathability and versatility than the usual winter ootd options.


The popular opinion presides on the idea of wearing sweater tops on top of denim or mini skirts. However, Mimpi Kita’s popular printed Clover sweater series has had me coming up with something a little more playful than the usual casual route. Inspired from my previous stay at the palatial grounds of The Kahaani in Melaka, how else can I honor the baby pink-printed clover sweater than the Princess-y like route? 😀


To playfully complement the large, roomy sweater, I added a touch of feminine sweetness in the form of this poufy lilac dress I have had since like the early 2000s. While you may say bulky against bulky is a bad idea, the illusion of ‘skinny’ gets instantly created with a pair of nude-pointy heels or the trusty Chanel slip-ons street stylers go crazy for.


I have also taken the liberty of pairing my favorite accessory du jour for Spring (and looking to seep into Autumnal dressing too! Hurrah!) ; my princess tiara, of course!


Afterall, fashion’s all about dressing up! 😀

Thank you Mimpi Kita for the fab sweater! 😀 You can order yours at mimpikita.com


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