Know this name well, this is the new It bag of 2015, the Loewe Puzzle Bag!

Joining its other siblings from the fashion house’s signature bags like Amazona and the Flamenco, this is the first bag designed by Jonathan Anderson for the brand.

(pic credit from Beauty and Fashion Dubai)

Already making waves for its youthful injection into the brand, Jonathan’s take for the next It bag is composed of geometric fragments of leather that are sliced and re-positioned to showcase its tri-dimensional appeal. It’s innovative cuboid shape accounts for a futuristic element of style and are both functional and timeless, standing out from the usual conventional bag design.

The Puzzle bag comes with adjustable strap, and are available in two sizes and a range of colors, leather and skins like Oro suede, coral calf and chocolate croc; all tailored majestically to suit the demands of today’s modern style statement queen.

Be like one of the street style stars and snag yourself one of the most coveted accessories this year at Loewe Pavilion as it is now available in store. 😉