Mention Dior and the heart immediately skips a flutter.

Commonly referenced as a girly, ladylike label; I have to say I beg to differ; at the very least from my perspective!

I never truly believe any bag reserve its functionality for certain occasions, and that seems to be the case bestowed on this latest Dior Autumn/Winter ’16 bag.

Sequinned and embellished to perfection, the bag even comes with these iridescent fringe detail that flickers ever so sparkly when toted. The luxe bag is like a rectangular version of the Lady Dior bag, complete with a handle, longer and detachable leather strapĀ and the Dior charm adoring the bag. Now most would possibly associate this bedazzled statement piece for evening wear, however, these glittering details define a different style algorithm together for me; something defo edgier than the

  1. Go Canadian Tuxedo!


That’s denim-on-denim for you on plainspeak. The more oversized the top the better it compliments today’s street chic trend. I go for my fave statement, embellished denim piece with destressed denim shorts (you can’t see it here) and pair it with these platform knit boots for a rocker stance. I feel that this ultimately changed the vibe of the ‘ladylike bag’; the embellished details do give this a fresh rebellious feel to my ootd! Wrap the straps around your wrist for an ultra cool approach of toting it.

  1. Grunge Princess to go



Sorry folks, my obsession with anything remotely grunge-meets-princessy vibes isn’t going anywhere. This designer dress I got was worn once to an flashy fashion event, but I thought of tying up my fave 00s velour track jacket around the waist and combat boots to roughen up the Dior bag’s aesthetics. I love just letting clasping the straps and letting the bag loose for that nonchalant approach.The only thing missing is wee tiara.

  1. Athleisure Realness




Those who know my style knows that I love the whole more-is-more aesthetic. I play with both layers and embellished details with this one, but clinching on to the whole athleisure vibe with what else? These Dior embellished sneakers that I LOVE to wear to chic up a plain piece. Though there is really nothing plain with the piece, I do find that the Dior bag aesthetic blends well with this vibe; sorta cool, classy vibe with the sequinned top but with a little dose of rebelliousness with some trainers to switch it up aka so, so me!

So when you only see that a bag or an accessory with a one-dimensional POV, I suggest trying to kick it up with different experimentation of pairings to shake things up a bit; even when it come with a whole lot of embellishments/constrictive shapes.


Shot by Aimanness Harun