For the labor day holidays, Cameron Highlands keep ringing into mind. Maybe its the rising temperature down in the Klang Valley, or the fact that I am just itching to get out of the rut that is KL; I took my itchy feet instinct and embarked on a journey up on the cool hills of Cameron Highlands with photog extraordinare, Aimanness.

Excited to exploit the visual beauty of the highlands, the same thought also enters into the minds of half of Malaysians for their labor day break -_-. But hey, after 6 hours of driving (really just being stationary for most of the time) the view and our accomodation we checked in was worth the long haul upwards. Check out our OOTDs and tell me that these do not inspire you to go to one of the most cliche’d, closest thing to winter getaway to Malaysia. I know I will surely come back again for more spam-tastic looks.

With Bala’s Chalet and Restaurant, Cameron Highlands’ Brinchang and hills as backdrop; the petunias, daisies and other sub-tropical plants served well to complement the playful silhouettes and prints from Kate Spade’s Summer 15 collection and Michael Michael Kors’ Summer 15’s abstract prints that play perfect against the greens <3

and who would’ve thought that these Nelissa Hilman for Dude and The Duchess beauts are terrain-friendly? OBSESSED!

Romper: Kate Spade

Bag: Coach

Set of cardigan, pussy bow blouse and shorts: Michael Michael Kors

Heels: Nelissa Hilman for Dude and The Duchess

Bag: Versace

Top: Brands Outlet

Skirt: Kate Spade

Pineapple Cross-Body: Kate Spade

Heels: Nelissa Hilman for D&D

Dress: Michael Michael Kors

Weaved Satchel: Michael Michael Kors

Thank you to Valiram peeps and Nelissa Hilman for the treat! <3